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by Martin Schiffl, from Eight Austrian couples received their diplomas signed by Bishop Klaus Küng, and Father Felix Stässle sent them forth. These eight couples are now trained as Kentenich educators. They have studied and applied the pedagogy of Father Joseph Kentenich in a two-year course of the Academy for Family Pedagogy in Vienna. They have applied this training in their own families, as well as in a project of their choice. The celebration’s guests manifested surprise and admiration, when the “instructors” presented their projects. Here and there anRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME (VIS). After having looked at the different figures of family life – mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings – the Holy Father concluded this first set of catechesis on the family by speaking about children. On 18 March, he spoke about how children are a great gift for humanity and in the coming week, he will focus on the wounds of childhood. The family: Children Complete text of the Holy Father’s catechesis Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! After having examined the different figures of family life – mother,Read More
The value and importance of grandparents in the family was the theme of Pope Francis' catechesis at last Wednesday's general audience in St. Peters Square. First of all, Pope Francis said that he identified with the elderly because he is the same age as them. "When I was in the Philippines," he said jokingly, "the Filipino people greeted me, saying: 'Lolo Kiko,' – that is, Grandfather Francis," and emphasized that even though society has a tendency of casting aside the elderly, God doesn't do this. On the contrary, he callsRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME, aica. During the general audience on 4 March, Pope Francis continued with the catechesis dedicated to families, following the spiritual exercises of the Curia and the Holy Father outside the Vatican for Lent.  The Pope dedicated his catechesis to the family and called for great care for elderly people in need, who live alone, are ill or depend on others.  He also asked newlyweds to renew their marriage vows every day.  "The 13th of March will mark two years since Pope Francis ascended the papal throne," commentedRead More