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The Church needs couples who give witness

GERMANY, Gertrud and Norbert Jehle •

After two years, the couples of the ninth course of Family Facilitators from Bavaria finished their studies. They received their diploma in a memorable sending-forth ceremony. One of the couples, receiving a diploma, began their activity in a home delivery dialogue with their favorite subject, “To Create Something Together.”

The Synod of Bishops, which will be held in September, will be a real challenge for the Church. Couples and families interested in this field are needed to give witness. Contact your diocese if you wish to participate.

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A network of Academies in eight countries

The Akademie für Familienpädagogik [Academy for Family Pedagogy] in Schönstatt auf’m Berg Memhölz prepares couples to transmit the message of marriage and family in a credible, convincing and effective manner.

A happy family life – lived out practically in today’s world and with all of its challenges and difficulties – makes the family attractive and worth the effort. Sharing this experience inspired families in Vienna, Austria to found the Akademie für Familienpädagogik. In 2000, the Akademie offered its first course in Germany in auf’m Berg Memhölz The 10th course started in 2014. So far, 63 couples from 16 dioceses in Germany have completed the course to become Family Facilitators.

Various new projects emerged from the Akademie through the Family Facilitators, such as a “family dessert,” marriage preparation courses, the Joseph Kentenich School, a home delivery dialogues and a Specialist Course in the Pedagogy of Fr. Kentenich. Couples who complete the Akademie also look for, find, and create the widest range of projects for married couples, the family, the local Church and society.

Akademie für Familienpädagogik Schönstatt auf’m Berg belongs to a network of similar academies in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Lithuania, Croatia, and Chechnya which carry out joint research, formation and ongoing training geared toward social development.

Sendungsfeier Familientrainerkurs Bayern 9 Ständchen f Eltern

The Akademie für Familienpädagogik [Academy for Family Pedagogy] in Schönstatt auf’m Berg Memhölz in the Virtual Tents of Covenant Culture

 Original: German. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA


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