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CZECH REPUBLIC, Fr. Frank Riedel • “The Diocese of Litoměřice has given Schoenstatt a gift with your person,” Bishop Jan Baxant said to Fr. Jiří Landa, who he had just ordained as a priest. He immediately asked the new priest, to give the Church gifts. Guests from different places attended the solemn liturgy, which was held in St. Stephen Cathedral in Litoměřice, Fr. Jiří’s native city; they were accompanied by good summer weather. Along with the family, friends and acquaintances, as well as many members of the Schoenstatt Movement fromRead More
Fr. Egon M. Zillekens • At the decisive moment no one took a photo. It was good that that was so, because we had to look for and find a photo that possibly expressed better than any other what the decision-makers of the regional Priests’ Federation from Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and the Czech Republic had experienced in the afternoon of 25 October towards the end of their annual regional conference, and what the Priests’ Federation of this territory wants to do in the coming year. The photo shows our ProphetRead More
Rome-Belmonte/Czech Republic, Fr. Frantisek Jirasek and Maria Fischer • How do you attach a statue to a wall? That was the question put to the Czech Schoenstatt Family, which has worked hard for years to support their room in Belmonte both spiritually and financially. A reminder: The centre for guests and encounters, DOMUS PATER KENTENICH, in Belmonte, is nearing completion. It has 31 guest rooms – light and roomy single and double rooms, some suitable for the disabled, which have been beautifully furnished with light and functional furnishings. These roomsRead More