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Queen of physical and spiritual health

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A few days ago, on the initiative of the Schoenstatt Family of Catalonia, the idea of crowning the Blessed Mother as Queen of physical and spiritual health was set in motion. The proposal ran through all the groups of WhatsApp, emails, social networks and web pages, solving all the physical barriers that we are subjected to in this time of global pandemic and confined to our homes.—

A strong current of life

In a few hours, a strong current of life could be seen, which we could say was virtual, but not less real, it dragged people from the three Schoenstatt Shrines in Spain, Pozuelo, Valldoreix and Serrano, creating a Great Family united around the project to which many more people joined.

Due to the situation that we all are experiencing at this time because of the COVID-19, there are many proposals throughout the world that show us the possibilities that technology offers, and to the extent that they are well used, they do us much good. There are many masses, rosaries, vigils, testimonies, and reflections that are circulating these days on the Internet and where everyone can choose from the immense offer.

Only in Schoenstatt Madrid we can hear the daily Mass from the Shrine of Serrano, make a spiritual visit to the Shrine of Pozuelo every day with the Sisters of Mary, pray the Rosary every day as a group with the League of Families, make virtual contributions to the Capital of Grace with the help of the university students or participate in Adoration on line as well. A marvel.

Thanks to we can share all these experiences throughout the world and verify our richness, our creativity and our commitment. We are an International Family that in the spirit of the Covenant and with the help of Mary, works for unity, just as our Prophet Founder understood.


Mother, in this coronavirus pandemic we implore you in the strength of the Covenant of Love…

But returning to the Crowning of the Blessed Mother as Queen of physical and spiritual health, it took place on March 18, 2020 in the Shrine of Serrano with the physical presence of 4 Schoenstatt Fathers and the virtual presence of many Internet users. Up to 650 people were connected live – not only from Spain, but also from Paraguay, Germany, Argentina… and there have been more than 2,400 views.

The celebration was presided by Father José Maria Garcia, collaborator and fundamental support of, who is currently the director of the Schoenstatt Movement in Spain. Father Diogo, Father Borja, and Father Eduardo concelebrated.


Oración de la coronación (pdf)

Crowning Mary: Not just an act of piety but a commitment to Her

The following words of Fr. José Maria in his homily are worth emphasizing.

Mother you are our Queen, today is not just any 18th where we renew our Covenant, it is a special 18th within this madness.

The Lord has done marvels with your smallness. Mother, you sang it. You are our Queen where we experience our poverty and smallness; our limitation is where you glorify yourself.

The proposal to crown the Blessed Mother quickly found an echo in all our Branches and communities. It touches our deepest experience as her intercessory power with us, a power that fills us with hope.

It is a time of solidarity, a time of fraternity, a time of hope, but always anchored and seen from the perspective that She is our Queen, our intercessor and so we trust as She has shown us throughout history and she will continue to do so to glorify herself in us.

Today we want to give her the Crown of our Home Shrines, of our Shrines as Queen of physical and spiritual health, not only for our health, but also we ask you to intercede for all the health care personnel who are working hard; for the emotional, affective and spiritual support of everyone, fills us and allows us to make this experience fruitful.

All this commits us, we know it, Nothing without You, nothing without us. We are children of the Queen and she will be able to exercise her power to the extent that our hearts are given. Let us surrender what we are through giving ourselves to the Capital of Grace, putting our talents at the service of those who need us most. The Love of Christ urges us.

Mother you are our Queen, count on us. Mary you are our Queen, we count on you.


Queen of physical and spiritual health, nothing without you – nothing without us

Photos: Juan Zaforas, Vicky Ramírez Jou

Original: Spanish 19.03.20 Translation by: Maria Aragón, Monterrey, Mexico.

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