Vamos MTA

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Let´s go MTA. An “e-pilgrim” picture


A forced stopover can be the beginning of something beautiful. A “stop on the way”, un-thought of, un-programmed, can also mean a new destination… a new arrival for people who, on the other side of the world, are “e-visited” by a message of the Virgin Mary. How is this? —

Cassio, a member of the Schoenstatt Family of Brazil and of the Dreamteam of, on a trip through Europe arrived at the Shrine of Lisbon as an intermediate stop on his way back home. “I wanted to visit my home,” as he said on his pilgrimage there, the Cenacle of the Family of the Father Shrine.

At the entrance, the three letters of the M.T.A. (Mater Ter Admirabilis) made on the typical Portuguese road stone welcome the pilgrim to enter the mystery of the Three Graces of the Shrine…of every Schoenstatt Shrine in the world.

He thought it was a beautiful symbol and he stood up and took a photo of that beautiful image of the three letters. In it, Cassio’s feet also came out…quite a symbol!

The Blessed Mother needs our feet to advance…to reach out to others and the world.

But how can we do this in these times where the Covid-19 leads us to stay still…in quarantine?

The Blessed Mother tells us…” LET’S GO! We have to take advantage of all the means available to reach others and to bring them calm, serenity and confidence in my Son”.

And this is how that photo, a few hours after it was shared by Cassio, traveled through hundreds (why not thousands?) of homes in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Panama and different countries of Europe…The Blessed Mother does not stay still and much less in times of crisis!

Crisis means opportunity… Will you take advantage, to “e-light” our Mother and Mother of God to others in these times of unrest?

From here, we invite you, from your quarantine, to use all the digital means available to get closer to others and with her. Your effort will not be in vain!

Lets Go, MTA!


Vamos MTA


Original: Spanish 18.03.2020. Translation by: Maria Aragón, Monterrey, Mexico


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