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Fr. Facundo Bernabei to the Family in Italy: “it is time to live our Lent in the desert”

ITALY, Pamela Fabiano •

The difficult situation we are experiencing as a result of the epidemic offers us the opportunity to rethink our faith and to concretely follow the example of Schoenstatt’s Father and Founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich.—

Italy entered one of the most difficult moments in its recent history on the night of 9 March. The country became a completely “protected area,” that is, any kind of movement is forbidden by law until 3 April, with the exception of proven necessity.

As a result of the multiplication of infections throughout the country, from north to south, the government had to take this measure to try to contain the spread if COVID-19, avoid the collapse of the medical institutions, and protect the weakest and most vulnerable people: the elderly, those who are chronically ill, and immune-compromised persons.

The situation took everyone by surprise, and, as Christians and responsible citizens, we are searching for a meaning and the strength to face the challenge that awaits us.

Fr. Facundo Bernabei, the director for the Schoenstatt Movement in Italy, sent all movement members a letter providing words of light and consolation and that should serve as a guide in the days ahead.

Love for one another should compel us to live in isolation in your homes as an offering to the capital of grace; praying the Rosary, spiritual communion, as a result of public celebrations being suspended, offers us an opportunity to experience a dimension of deeper faith, while at the same time, becoming more responsible and careful.

We will publish, therefore, the letter and place ourselves into the School of Fr. Kentenich to better live this opportunity for conversion and growth.

Original: Italian, 15 March. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa


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