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Clowns on the Way

CHILE, Verónica Morandé •

One of the activities for which, as the “Maria en el Camino” (Maria on the Way) Foundation in San Felipe, we are overflowing with joy has been the creation of the “Clowns on the Way” group. —

A very valuable human team that has been created by Ingrid Cardona (Dr. Cri-Cri) a person of deep human warmth, who has been at the service of the foundation to transmit all our values and who together with the clowns on the journey (Dogtor, Dr. Menta, Dr. Yoyo, Dr. Elicoptero, Dr. Happy, Vitamina, Dr. Pepita, Dr. Chispita, Dr. Hippie and Dr. Chito) have delivered joy to hospital patients and their families in difficult moments of life.

Accompanying the sick in moments of pain on the journey to recovery, the Clowns on the Way have been able to put into practice the values that, as a Foundation, we want to promote within the community, generating links not only with patients, but also with medical teams and families, who also suffer (often in silence) the burden of caring for others. That is why Clowns on the Way’s mission is to awaken joy in the community.

If you want to spread laughter with the work of Clowns on the Way, follow them on Instagram @payasosenelcamino.

Photos: Ignacio Agustín Pinto Anwandter


riginal: Spanish 2022-09-24. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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