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When joy comes from above, borders do not exist: we only have to share it

PARAGUAY, Family Missions 2016, Rodolfo Melgarejo •

“The Lord went out to sow, and in the heart of America, he found fertile land…” are the lyrics of a song, and today the Lord once again went out to sow in Paraguay.  Ten towns, with more than a thousand people, mad for Christ. Yes crazy, as we left comforts such as sleeping in a bed, bathing with warm water and there were days we had no water. During this truly cold winter, it rained, but this was nothing if we place joy, youthful spirit, solidarity, prayer and commitment that we went to give on the other side of the scale. Most of all, it was the experience of Christ accompanying us with every step we took, his love was enough to make us forget the “comforts”.  Borders do not exist when joy comes from above; we only have to share it.

Fruits of faithfulness­– and this mad love

This year, just as it happened in other towns, Melgarejo was the last city visited.  During this third year, the fruits of the previous two years are already seen:  missionaries for the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign are formed, there is a constant attachment with the youths from Melgarejo. As a gift of the third year and fruit of the efforts and prayers, the residents there conquered a wayside shrine, so that the Blessed Mother will establish her throne here and transform this place into a Dwelling of God, a small Tupãrenda.  The Blessed Mother definitely captured the youthful hearts of there, just like the first sodalists.

One felt like Christ’s arms and feet

Personally, it had been a long time since I had participated in the Family Missions due to factors such as:  college, exams, and work were impediments that made it difficult for me to participate.  This year a group brother invited me, and since Mary knows what to do with her children, things worked out so that I could give my yes to the mission.  Since then I decided to give myself completely.  The mission of fire began.

I received incredible hospitality from families in every home I entered.  I admired their joy, and the joy with which they welcomed the Pilgrim Mother despite the difficulties they bear.  At that moment, one felt like Christ’s arms and feet.  The joy of the children at the matinee, playing, jumping, running, were gifts that I received from God through this mad love.

Today Christ needs instruments like you and I to take his message to many people, so that this fire will remain and spread to many people.  I encourage you to give your all for Christ, because when we open our hearts, when we blindly trust in Him, and when we leave everything in his hands that is when she will work miracles.

Fire of my Nation, your Mission in my Heart.

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA

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