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Boys’ Youth in Cornelio Procopio celebrates its silver jubilee

BRAZIL, Luis Eduardo Luz / Leonardo Monfernatti vía

The night of 9 July 2016 will stay in the mind of each member of the Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth in Cornélio Procópio and all who were present to celebrate the occasion.

The Boys’ Youth (JUMAS) in Cornélio Procópio celebrated its 25 years of history, which has been shaped by many battles, difficulties and victories.  Therefore, the motto “Strengthened by history and allied in prayer, genuine youth for a new world” reflects the past, present and future of the youth.

The Schoenstatt youth have been making sacrifices in preparation for the jubilee since 30 April. One of these contributions was a special rosary together with the entire Schoenstatt family in Cornélio Procópio, as a way to thank the branches for their support.  Therefore, every Friday morning at 06:30 the boys met to pray the rosary, which they called the Heroic Rosary.

Solemn Mass, two tributes, 25 roses

The celebration began with a solemn Mass at the Tabor of Faithfulness to the Church shrine, celebrated by the JUMAS director for Paraná, Fr. Afonso Wosny.

During the Mass, two tributes were given to people who contributed daily to this victory, emphasizing that our branch was started by a group of couples, together with Luis C. Mozzato and the Schoenstatt Fathers as directors.

After the final blessing, the boys processed to the shrine, where they enjoyed a special moment with the Blessed Mother, giving thanks, praying for the present and future and offering her 25 roses.

After Mass JUMAS welcomed the invited guests at a dinner dance to celebrate these 25 years.

JUMAS Cornélio Procópio thanks all those who were part and remain a part of this history.  And we pray for the subsequent pages in the history of this heroic youth.


Original: Portuguese.  Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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