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The Pilgrim MTA is off and running— working miracles in Sri Lanka!

SRI LANKA, Ashanthi Fernando/Maria Fischer •

First there were “letters to the MTA in the Original Shrine” coming from Sri Lanka every two, three months— next some Australian word of mouth about the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Rosary Campaign being present in Sri Lanka— then the regular Sri Lankan visitors on, emphasizing the importance of going that extra mile in translating all these stories from real life into English, mostly from Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese, and then, as already has happened several times before, an errant piece of mail landing on the news desk at unfolding to us the story of forty-four missionaries bringing the Pilgrim Mother to some 700 people in Sri Lanka. —

A quick exchange of emails, and here we share the story of Schoenstatt life in Sri Lanka.

How it happened

Forty-four pictures of Schoenstatt Mother Thrice Admirable were distributed among forty-four lay leaders. These leaders in turn distributed them in ten Catholic parishes, after sealing their missionary commitment in Fr. S. N. Shelton Dias’ presence; he is guiding the Schoenstatt Movement there.

The Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign unites some 700 people that receive the Pilgrim Mother in their homes once a week, get together, and pray. They have developed unity amongst families and have established friendly relationships. On the 18th of each month, they celebrate Covenant Day by reciting the rosary and meditating on the mysteries. After the prayers, they get together and have a small function.

Education and going forth

Up until now, Fr. S. N. Shelton Dias has conducted four meetings for the Schoenstatt Movement.  In these meetings, he has explained to them about the glories and miracles of our “Schoenstatt’s Blessed Mother,” how to carry on this Movement, and about the Movement’s founder and father, Fr. Kentenich. Fr. S. N. Shelton Dias has imparted a thorough knowledge of the Movement to them.

In Peralanda Parish, Sri Lanka, Fr. S. N. Shelton Dias celebrated Schoenstatt’s Covenant day in a festive manner. On that occasion, twelve new coordinators received twelve pictures of Schoenstatt’s Mother Thrice Admirable after giving their promise in the presence of the priest; 250 participated at this event.

She works miracles!

In one home, a boy addicted to drugs and heroin was liberated and his mother was consoled.

A lady who was over-burdened with a heavy debt was released.

Two daughters of a family visited by the Pilgrim Mother were freed from undue attachment and unhealthy relationships.

A girl who had not attended Mass for a long time went to Mass again when our Blessed Mother Mary visited her home and the family was overjoyed.

All these are the miracles that took place when the Blessed Mother visited their families.

A people smitten by the MTA

Our people love Schoenstatt’s MTA very much. They are longing impatiently to welcome her into their homes. They have a great zeal and love to pray with her. They honor her, and many have a great desire to welcome her into their homes.

We have printed 1,000 leaflets translated into Sinhala and distributed them among the people.

Sister Thecla Jayawardane gives us a helping hand by translating English prayer booklets into Sinhala. Sister Placida gives us her full support along with Fr. S. N. Shelton Dias. They help us to meet the members of the groups and to build relationships among them. They too have an interest in this apostolic Movement.

Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, USA

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