Con el arzobispo de Tegucigalpa, Mons. Nacher, español de Valencia, hasta hace pocos meses párroco en San Pedro Sula

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Bishop’s visit to Honduras – Offering Schoenstatt’s service to the Church

COSTA RICA, Fr. José Luis Correa •

During his recent visit to Honduras, a country that until recently was not on Schoenstatt’s world map, Fr. José Luis Correa visited the Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, José Vicente Nácher Tatay, CM, and the Archbishop of San Pedro Sula, Michael Lenihan, OFM. —

The Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, José Vicente Nacher, a Spaniard from Valencia, who until a few months ago was the pastor in San Pedro Sula, welcomed us for half an hour, during which we spoke with him about Schoenstatt in the capital of Honduras. We gave him a Unity Cross on a pedestal (one that Paula makes in the forest in Costa Rica) and a pectoral cross, which he immediately embraced.

He is very open to our support of the Family Pastoral, in which several couples and a diocesan priest, Father Javier Martínez, recently appointed dean, are associated with the Movement. Some of them will participate in the Fortalecimiento Matrimonial (Forta, intensive weekend for married couples) in Miami in November. Father Javier has already been there and will be there again.

The Archbishop of San Pedro Sula, Michael Lenihan, OFM, gave us a very warm welcome for almost 40 minutes.

Con el arzobispo De San Pedro Sula, Mons Michael Lenihan, OFM

With the Archbishop of San Pedro Sula, Michael Lenihan OFM

First steps in Tegucigalpa

The visit also included a Mass and a talk in the parish of Loarque, a neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, and the sending of a missionary of the Rosary Campaign to the capital of Honduras.


Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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