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“Madre, ven”: We were in the movie!

SPAIN, Paz Leiva •

Saturday morning and to the cinema. An unusual plan, but the movie “Madre, ven” is being shown in the center of Madrid and we bought tickets. We are looking forward to it. Some people saw it at the premiere and agree that it is worth it. —

We walk from home and arrive in time in front of the Paz Cinema. It’s a sunny but cold day. So, we take our seats, row 6, in the aisle, “right in the middle,” as my mother used to say, “those are the best seats.”

The hall is empty, but soon the first people arrive. In front of us is a group of women who don’t stop talking. Others ask us to let them pass and go to the seats on our left. They thank us for standing up to let them pass, while one lady says, “I’ve already seen it. This is my second time”. And they start chatting.

“It’s going to be a great movie,” we say. They don’t want to stop talking.


Screening on Saturday, 11/26/2022 | Photo: Miguel Ángel Rubio

After a few minutes it is absolutely silent

The photo that fades in before the opening credits is impressive. A beautiful image, in a forest, people carry the statue of the Virgin Mary on a stretcher.

Before the screening begins, a young man from the production company comes out, introduces himself and announces that at the end of the film there will be an opportunity to ask questions or make comments.

The film begins, and after a few minutes there is absolute silence. Without giving away anything important, I can tell you that it’s a documentary about the pilgrimage that passed through Spain from May to October 2021, very well done, with surprising shots, excellent music and very good mixes. In between there are testimonies from those who were there. Everything is interwoven with a fictional plot set 30 years in the future, in which a family discovers that Tato, the grandfather, made a pilgrimage with “Madre, ven” in 2021. The silence among the audience remains throughout the film. Not even the group in front cackles. A job well done – and in this film the work of professionals makes itself felt – always surprises and impresses.

Madre ven

Madre ven – premiere

“¡Madre, ven!” – don’t miss it!

The film ends and we all applaud. The young man from the production company and one of the organizers come out. Ambrosio and Maureen are not there, they are still in London for work. The questions start: “Will the pilgrimage be repeated? – “It is not planned.” – “Why did Our Lady come from Ephesus?” asks someone who arrived late and didn’t catch the beginning. “Will the film be shown again in the center of Madrid? I have already seen it twice and I would like to see it a third time,” says the lady next to us.

The actor who plays Tato, the grandfather in the story, is sitting in the audience. He gets a standing ovation and is thanked for his work. He is a well-known actor who is often on television.

It’s almost noon, but we continue to listen to stories. The best are the personal stories told by one of the organizers about Our Lady’s visit to the prisons, which of course could not be filmed for security reasons.

After two o’clock, the meeting ended. A young man comes forward and says to the producer, “Yo, macho! I have a crazy headache because I cried so much”. And the fact is that the film is moving. Very moving.

“Madre, ven!”, don’t miss it.


The film is being shown in theaters all over Spain. There is even the possibility to ask for more screenings locally.

Here is the link

Madre ven

Poster of the screenings in the second week in the cinema

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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