P. Antonio Cosp

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I am sure that when he was asked, “How are you?”, he must have answered, “Exceleeeente!”

Marines Crivelli de Domínguez, Argentina •

Father Antonio was someone very special in Argentina. I met him in 1982, when he was superior of the Fathers and lived in Buenos Aires and had to go to replace Father Esteban Uriburu on a retreat. —

Shortly after, with my husband, we had the opportunity to work with him in many apostolic tasks. He was very dear to the Family Federation, since he was its founder and first assistant. He formed all the first courses, including ours.

I was always amazed by his particular way of answering a greeting. “Hello father, how are you?” and he never failed his, “Exceleeeeeeente!”. That’s how long he pronounced it. A single word that left us a lifelong teaching. I suppose that many, many times he did not feel excellent, but he taught us to enjoy life always with that “excellent” look.

I have so many memories, trips, etc. We had not seen him for years, the last time was on a trip we made to Paraguay and we went to see him in Tupãrenda. He was very dear to us and to our course.

I am sure, today, Heaven will be celebrating. I imagine Father Esteban Uriburu and Father Horacio Sosa, his course brothers, receiving him with joy. And I am sure that when they asked him “how are you?”, he must have answered: ” Exceleeeente!”.

Original: Spanish 2022-03-11. Translated by: María Aragón. Monterrey, México



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