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PARAGUAY, Laura Andrea Barrios • On 6 January 2019, the Feast of the Epiphany, a large number of members of the Schoenstatt Family from Encarnación sealed their filial covenant with the Father and Founder in a touching ceremony at the Santísima Encarnación de María Cathedral in Encarnación, Paraguay.— After preparation through workshops directed by “Club del Padre” (founded in 2017 that meets for a spiritual reading of Fr. Kentenich’s texts) and the commitment assumed, we hoped to seal our filial covenant in the presence of a Schoenstatt Father. In planningRead More
PARAGUAY, Jose Arguello • Some days ago we received unpublished stories from Bishop Claudio Gimenez about the early days of the Schoenstatt Movement’s birth in Paraguay, and then Father Kentenich’s participation at this phase of development.  Likewise he told us how some of his personal and intimate encounters with the Founder had taken place, and even about the more intimate details about the day of his death… — “…In the context of the Father Kentenich Year, nobody is excused from praying, even if it is only a Hail Mary forRead More
PARAGUAY, Fr. Antonio Cosp Fontclara • Yes, it is not easy to get over the amazement! Like over the last few years, we welcomed approximately 40,000 pilgrims. Many of them left the night before to arrive at dawn, so Tupãrenda was filled with voices and joy since early morning. More than 2,000 missionaries, men and women, solemnly renewed their annual commitment and many others came to seal their covenant of love. The day’s four Masses were filled with a shade-seeking multitude. Three Masses were offered from the portico of HolyRead More

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A balm for wounds

PARAGUAY, Gustavo Cortázar • “Un bálsamo para las heridas” (“A Balm for Wounds”) is a bedside guidebook, which attempts to encourage every divorced couple in a new union (Spanish acronym SENU), to know that Christ loves them, that God has a project for these new unions. God is a good father who wants the good of his children. When he sees them suffering so much, he wants to see the Church help and show them the road of salvation. Thus Tuesday, 6 June was a day of celebration for theRead More
PARAGUAY, Mirta Etchegaray de Arias, Morocha and Carlos Etchegaray • On Sunday, 20 June, Bishop Claudio Giménez returned to his home, his very beloved Tupãrenda, after generously serving the Church as Bishop of Caacupé for 22 years. The Schoenstatt Family welcomed him with a celebration. On 28 May 1980, the Virgin of Caacupé visited Tupãrenda for the first time… We had recently bought the land for our GREATLY DESIRED SHRINE. On that first visit, we went on pilgrimage with the Virgin to the exact place where the Shrine would beRead More
PARAGUAY, Nery Cabrera and Francisco Ugarte • Tupãrenda is a very appropriate place to deepen in the spiritual life and leave behind everything that pulls us down. With the Brave Men’s Rosary, this is accomplished even more. We received a great blessing all together as brothers, and we left spiritually strengthened to continue to go forward in this very beautiful apostolate of praying the Rosary and taking the Pilgrim Mother to the needy in our community. I thank the Blessed Mother for this opportunity of participating in the 4th BMRRead More
PARAGUAY, Morocha and Carlos Etchegaray • The Tayi Group is here today, forty years after being called. We want to express thanks for choosing us to be a part of our nation’s Schoenstatt Family and for being a part of the first generation. Looking at the present and seeing how the Movement has grown in broadness and fruitfulness, we can affirm with humility and joy that the motto guiding us at that time and everything that was offered was not in vain: “Mary descend in Tupãrendá through your giving ofRead More
PARAGUAY, Rosi and Roberto Ruiz • The Blessed Mother had her eyes on our family long before we ever noticed. Looking back in retrospect, we verified many signs of her close presence, manifestations of her love, and of her call to which we responded with a yes before our boys belonged to the Boys’ Youth, and we were pilgrims without knowing it. We were concerned that the Blessed Mother sought a place in our home, since we had became a part of our original group “United to the Shrine,” andRead More
PARAGUAY, Horacio José Chávez Tottil • “One seldom sees a 15 year-old, who is already so mature and rich in every aspect. I still recall the first baby steps that we took as a community…” This is how Fr. Antonio Cosp remembers the beginnings of the Schoenstatt Family in the Diocese of San Lorenzo (DSL), which now joyfully and proudly celebrated its 15 years of life, where the National Shrine of Tupãrendá is located. On 4 January 2001, a group of people met to found the Schoenstatt Movement in theRead More
PARAGUAY, by Sandra Lezcano • The Joseph Kentenich retreat house alongside the Schoenstatt shrine in Tupãrenda — between Itauguá and Ypacaraí — hosted the first Kentenich Communication Workshop, attended by Schoenstatt communicators from Germany, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay. The workshop was inspired by and brought to life in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first MTA magazine – created by Fr. Kentenich – and based on Maria Fischer’s thesis. The workshop took place between 29 April and 1 May. It was a dream come true andRead More