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Casa Madre de Tuparenda
PARAGUAY, Alexandra Garcete de Sánchez • The First Ecclesial Assembly of Latin America and the Caribbean was held from November 21 to 28, 2021 in Mexico City, at the feet of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of Latin America. It is a meeting that brings together the entire Latin American continent. On the 4th day, November 25, 2021, Alexandra Garcete, from the Family Federation of Paraguay, spoke about the Prison Ministry and the Mother of Tupãrenda House Program explaining the commitment with the most needy and marginalized. The readers ofRead More
MEXICO, María Esther Aragón • The situation we are going through today, is truly transcendental and has made us question many things and situations in our lives, but the flag with which we all march on this road, all of us who are Schoenstatters, is the Blessed Mother, our Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt. Why? Well, because she is the center, the queen, our way to God, to sanctity.  It is a charisma that must be lived to understand it.— Our course decided to prepare and join theRead More
COSTA RICA, Margarita de Escorriola • This third Sunday of Advent, my fourth course of the Family Federation of Costa Rica (FIDELITAS course) went out into the streets of the city of San José, faithful to the Gospel of the day that asked us to “go and proclaim”; we Fidélitas went out to meet the neediest to give ourselves with joy. — In this time of Advent, we rejoice because the coming of the Lord is near and we prepare so many things to receive Him! But we must notRead More

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Father’s Fire

COSTA RICA, María Fischer The happiness overwhelming the families was evident.  After a weekend retreat and in depth work, they sealed their first consecration, thus officially forming part of the Family Federation in Costa Rica.  Their course ideal, Ignis Patris (Father’s Fire), reflected the intense experience they had during the Father Kentenich Year.  — These families want to be guardians of Father Kentenich’s charism and mission in order to protect the essence and the values of the family.  Being “Father’s Fire” implies living in complete union with the spirit andRead More
CHILE, Maria Fischer with María Teresa Ramírez • On 13 May, when Chile like many other countries celebrated the Lord’s Ascension into heaven, Guillermo Tagle, a great Chilean Schoenstatt founder quietly departed into the Lord’s embrace. He was a companion of Mario Hiriart, and he and his wife, Cristina “Kiki,” were members of the first Chilean Family Federation course. — Through Kikí, who actively participates on the team with her unique way of commenting on articles from an organic and prophetic point of view, we knew about his illness’Read More
COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramírez • The date for the First International Gathering of Marriage Educators and the Family Federation has been changed for organizational reasons, and it now will be held from 12-15 April 2018, in San José, Costa Rica, at the Schoenstatt Movement House, adjacent to the “Family of Hope” Shrine. Last October, Costa Rica extended an invitation to every country’s Family Federation, supported by the International Board, and many joined the mission. The objective of the gathering is to form an “international network of educator couples, who useRead More
COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramírez • Costa Rica extends an invitation to the First International Meeting of Family Federation Formation instructors.  The International Family Federation leadership supports this. The presence of the Blessed Mother in the Shrine renders fruitfulness Seven months after having inaugurated its first Shrine, four family formation instructors from the Costa Rican Family Federation assume the challenge to form an “…international web of formation instructors who utilize common pedagogical tools and who promote an exchange of knowledge, experiences, and accents among different countries and territories.” The meeting willRead More
SPAIN, Pilar de Beas • On 19 May, José Antonio Alvaredo, a member of the Spanish Family Federation, died. He was the first one to depart to the eternal Schoenstatt. The Family Federation asked his wife for a testimony about his life and his commitment to Schoenstatt. Here it is. A few years ago, José Antonio wrote about our marriage, how we learned about Schoenstatt, and how we felt called by our Mother to fulfill a mission. He joined Schoenstatt at the age of 19, and he was in theRead More
CHILE, Cristina “Kikí” Quiroz de Tagle • On July 31st, Rodrigo Ossandón died unexpectedly. He was a member of the first Family Federation course in Chile, “Hogares de Fuego” [Homes afire]. He had some problems walking and was undergoing treatment with kinestheologist. He also had fatigue, was hospitalized, and they discovered his heart was not functioning very well, but they sent him home. They were tranquilly watching television; he closed his eyes and then said “Maní” (his wife’s nickname) and went! Father Luis Ramírez gave a beautiful homily that includedRead More
SPAIN/CUBA, via Madrid’s Schoenstatt Movement Bulletin • During the 2015 summer, Spain’s University Girls’ Youth had a missionary experience, “Mission Cuba” at Fr. Bladimir’s parish. Fr. Bladimir is a member of the Schoenstatt Federation of Priests, in Santa Cruz del Sur, Cuba. The second Mission Cuba will take place during this summer. This time two couples from the Family Federation each with their four children and eight professional young people will work with Boys’ and Girls’ Youth at the same parish. Fr. Bladimir indicated ways to help the work thatRead More