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ITALY, Vanda Rebuffat and Eugenio Minici • As a follow-up to the Married Couples’ Coffee (which we spoke about earlier), in which several couples from Terricciola (Pisa) participated, the couples decided to continue the journey of growth (with a view to the creation and consolidation of a community of married couples), inspired by the spirituality of the Schoenstatt Movement. On Saturday, March 16, the second meeting of the new cycle was held on the theme “United we are stronger”. The meeting, as usual, was led by two couples from theRead More
BRAZIL, Cláudio Medeiros, Jaraguá Family Federation • We often try to make the 18th of each month a special day to remember and renew our covenant of love. I think everyone has their own way of expressing this, so together with Marcio Gonçalvez from the Family League of Jaraguá, I found a somewhat unusual way to do this: In mid-December, while we were still thinking about how to get the spousal release that is so important and indispensable for this kind of event, we decided to set out from JaraguáRead More
Kikí y Guillermo Tagle
CHILE, Maria Fischer • “Today, while the bells were ringing at 12:00 noon in Bellavista, our dear Kiki Quiroz de Tagle departed to heaven. The mass will be tomorrow in Bellavista, her shrine, her home, her home, her mission”. On January 17, this news went around the world. Whoever wrote it managed to summarize the life of our dear Kiki Tagle, of the first group of the Family Federation in Chile, in a few words. The Bellavista Shrine was her shrine, her home, her home, her mission…and beyond, as theRead More
Ignacio Quintanilla Navarro (1960-2023)
SPAIN, 2nd Course of the Apostolic Family Federation in Spain • A cynical Spanish proverb says that “there is no such thing as a bad dead person.” It refers to the fact that when a person dies, all his faults are forgotten, and his virtues are exaggerated and sometimes invented. — For this reason, anyone reading this text without having known Ignacio Quintanilla may rightly think that it is a typical obituary. But it is not. We want to reflect, with absolute respect for the truth, what our friend andRead More
Alianza Federación
SPAIN, Laura Toves • On May 31, one of the important dates that we celebrate every year, Belén and Óscar sealed their Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother.  — The day could not have been better, sunny and warm, after the heavy rains of the previous days. It was the perfect afternoon for a great event. They were surrounded by their brothers and sisters from the 6th course of the Apostolic Family Federation in Spain, the most recent course, and by a large delegation from the Family Federation. HowRead More
PARAGUAY/ SPAIN, Laura Toves • A few months ago we were surprised with totally unexpected news. We were offered to go to Asunción, Paraguay, for an international congress of the Schoenstatt Family Movement (CIOF). We were amazed, because we really did not expect something like this. Moreover, we imagined that perhaps the Family Federation wanted to send another couple. The truth is that we thought very little about it. This is one of those opportunities that should not be missed. — When the Paraguayan organization included us in a WhatsAppRead More
SPAIN, Luis Enrique Zamarro • Leadership in the Federation is embodied in service. If they (we) are an elite corps, it is in the daily struggle for holiness, and for generous dedication to others. — About three months ago I moved to a new place of work. From the car park to the office there is a church that is open (at least) at half past seven in the morning. Since then, I go in every morning and have rediscovered the Lauds prayer that I have always enjoyed so much;Read More
Federación de Familias de Paraguay - anhelo por una nueva región
PARAGUAY, Johanna Chávez • The Family Federation in Paraguay continues to grow with new couples in new dioceses and places. As in all the Federations and Institutes of Schoenstatt, there are two spaces of belonging and growth for each member: the course as a free space and the region as an official space, each with its own identity and complementary mission in a healthy creative tension. Around the Shrine of Tuparenda, there is a growing desire for the constitution of a new Region. — On a rainy night in Tupãrenda,Read More
consagrción perpetua en la Federación de Familias de España
SPAIN, Tano Soler Morellá and Belén Pérez Alemany •  On Friday, January 20, we sealed our Perpetual Consecration to the Family Federation. Along with us, our course brothers renewed theirs, celebrated four years earlier, in 2019. — It was a precious moment of grace poured out, a simple celebration, full of affection and joy. A real and strong community experience. There was one word that resonated in our hearts throughout the celebration. Father José María pronounced it, and we also said it at some point during that precious night ofRead More
Isidro Perera
COSTA RICA, Maria Fischer • On Holy Family Day, Friday, December 30, the first Costa Rican member of the Family Federation, Isidro Perera, passed away. Together with Pat Fernandez they were national co-advisors of the Movement in El Salvador. — I cannot and do not want to get ahead of the memories, gratitude, thoughts of the Movement in Costa Rica and El Salvador, of people and communities that shared moments of mission and dedication with Isidro. But I want to dedicate a couple of lines in to this greatRead More