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Guadalupada 2022

SPAIN, Pere Pares •

The Camino de Guadalupe is one of those great treasures of the Spanish tradition that, because it is not so popular, ends up being forgotten, at least for young people. However, great personalities, such as Isabella the Catholic or Miguel de Cervantes, have lived this pilgrimage and their lives are proof that it is a place of grace. —

It has been something totally providential that the youth ended up walking the Camino Real. Originally the pilgrimage was going to be to Javier, but when they could not find a place to sleep, due to the pandemic, a change of destination was forced. The Blessed Mother had already prepared the ground for a visit to the land of Extremadura.

With Mary, be on the way

In this way, and under the motto “With Mary, be on the way”, young people from Valencia, Madrid, Andalusia and Catalonia shared the route. The current situation in Ukraine was very much in mind, and the capital of grace was offered for those suffering from the war. In addition, each one wrote on a piece of paper the intention he/she brought to the pilgrimage and these papers were mixed and distributed. Thus, each one had another person praying for his or her personal intention.

Celebrating togetherness

Something that tends to happen with these types of pilgrimages is that it matters very little what activities you do or where you walk. What is fulfilling is being with people who, although different from one another, have the same desire to be filled with God. The members of the Girls’ Youth and the Boys’ Youth shared shouts and silences, jokes and meditations, music and prayer, just celebrating being together.


Original: Spanish 2022-03-11. Translated by: María Aragón. Monterrey, México

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