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“Put out into the Deep”

ARGENTINA, Silvia Sibay •

The Schoenstatt Family from Tucumán was looking forward to November 9th – and with good reason! In the afternoon, the first Schoenstatt Father from Tucumán was ordained as a priest. —

It was with great joy that we saw the Fathers arrive from the other dioceses who would accompany this event, some of whom are very close to us, and above all Bishop Francisco Pistilli, Bishop of the Diocese of Encarnación, Paraguay, who would consecrate us. The Schoenstatt Fathers who live and work in Tucumán had already received and welcomed them, some of them in the homes of families.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Incarnation welcomed us with its main and side aisles full of family, friends and all the Schoenstatters, whom Cristián Rodríguez Robles Terán, “our novice”, shared  his emotion and devotion.

It was touching to see his face covered in tears of joy as Bishop Pistilli spoke to him during the celebration.

Priest forever

And the long-awaited moment came! He fell down and immersed himself in the immense love of God, who received him for his ministry. On the side he was accompanied and received by the Auxiliary, the Pilgrim Mother.

Change of clothes… from deacon to priest. After the blessing of the bishop and each of his brothers, he went to the Ambo to thank everyone: his formators, his course brothers already consecrated in Paraguay, the Schoenstatt Family, his parents and the whole family present.

At a time when political events in Latin America are worrying us, Cristián is a fresh breeze that encourages us to continue with faith, hope and a look into a promising future, because new vocations will emerge and we as a family must be ready to give a little more every day. Those who leave everything to follow Christ teach us to also seek him in those who need us.


Let’s celebrate, as a family!

Then we went to the parsonage, where we joyfully celebrated a beautiful moment of solidarity, where we could talk with some Schoenstatt Fathers whom we had not seen for a long time, waiting to take a photo with Cristián, surrounded by all those who had come to celebrate with him.

The next day we went on to the Shrine, where the new priest celebrated his primacy.

Thank you, Father Cristián, for your yes!



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