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An encounter with Father Esteban Uriburu

ARGENTINA, Mercedes Bonorino •

On 9 May, Father Esteban Uriburu would have been 78 years old. An initiative to remember his birthday emerged among a group of his collaborators and friends – some of these “madmen/women” who Father Esteban said God had given him for his “crazy ideas”– to have an “Encounter with Father Esteban” close to the Sion Shrine in Florencio Varela, where his tomb is located.

The members of this couples’ group, which was begun by Father Uriburu in 1976, are convinced that “Many of us feel that we owe the zeal of faith, the closeness to God and to the Blessed Mother and the strong experience of the Covenant of Love that he gave to those who approached, as a loyal disciple of Father Joseph Kentenich. We would like for many people yet today and tomorrow, to have the opportunity to grow following his footsteps. For this reason, we want to invite you to a day of reflection about Father Esteban. To meditate about his Personal Ideal from the perspective of being Luz de la Misericordia del Padre [Light of Mercy of the Father].” Providentially, this came about a few days after Pope Francis’ call for the Jubileo de la Misericordia [Jubilee f Mercy].

“Fire of the fire of Christ…” FJK

P ESTEBAN URIBURUWe believe that on his way Father Esteban radiated this fire of Amor del Corazón de Cristo y de María [Love of the heart of Christ and of Mary] that was burning in his own heart. He sowed his light not only in Argentina; but also, in so many places in the world, where his numerous apostolic trips took him. In 1961, when he began his novitiate, he said, “I would like to open roads to Schoenstatt” South Africa, Zimbabwe, numerous regions of North, Central and South America (especially the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay) Europe and although he did not travel to Australia, India or the Philippines, they were also fields for his work, privileged witnesses of the fulfillment of his desire to sow and to make the Covenant of Love fruitful wherever he went!

On the 9 May, there will be two reflections by Father Alberto Eronti (a course brother of “Verbum Patris”) about Father Esteban’s Personal Ideal. Testimonies will also be presented close to his tomb, inviting us to follow his footsteps on the road to the Holy Year. Before the Mass, every person will be able to light a candle from the Shrine’s Paschal candle asking for the grace to radiate the light of Jesus to our surroundings, setting other hearts ablaze in the footsteps of Father Esteban.

You may also participate from anywhere in the world

Encuentro con el Padre EstebanThe Encounter will be held close to the Father’s Sion Shrine, in Florencio Varela, one of the many Schoenstatt Shrines born from his “crazy dreams!! Those who cannot come on that day because of distance or lack of time can also participate in this “Encounter with Father Esteban.”

You only have to write to: or to asking that a candle be lit on your behalf asking Jesus for the grace to radiate his Light in the footsteps of Father Esteban.

Several days later, we hope to provide a link where you can see the photos and the video of the reflections and testimonies of the Encounter.






Note from the Editorial Team:
Those who did not know Father Esteban Uriburu can discover this great Schoenstatt Father in this videos:
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Original: Spanish – Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA

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