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PARAGUAY, European-American Novitiate of the Schoenstatt Fathers • From the novitiate, 16 young men along with their two formators, share the joy of the upcoming Feast of Reception of the Sion Alb! — Sixteen young men from seven countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, United States, Mexico, and Poland are in Tupãrenda, Paraguay, at the novitiate of the Schoenstatt Fathers, at the beginning of a long road of discernment and formation that will lead them to the priesthood at the service of the Schoenstatt Movement and the Church. Their namesRead More
Interview of Father Juan Pablo Catoggio, General Superior of the Secular Institute of Schoenstatt Fathers (part 1/3) • For the 50-year jubilee of the Sion Shrine in Schoenstatt and as tribute to our Schoenstatt Fathers, editors and columnists of (Eduardo Shelley, Monina Crivelli, Paz Leiva, Ignacio Serrano, and Juan Zaforas) wrote the following questions for Father Juan Pablo Catoggio, who is the Argentine Superior General of the Schoenstatt Fathers since 2015. Today we publish the first of three parts of this long interview. —     » I thankRead More
ARGENTINA/PARAGUAY, Rocío Galo • For the Schoenstatt Family of Chaco, Argentina, witnessing the reception of the Sion tunic by the Schoenstatt Fathers’ novices, who began their way of formation toward the priesthood of Christ, was an immense gift.— On Saturday, July 6th, in Santa Maria de la Trinidad Church, at Tupãrenda, Ypacaraí, at Paraguay’s National Schoenstatt Shrine, the Mass that took place was very special and touching for those who had the privilege of meeting a young man from Chaco, Juan Cruz Colombo, who felt the call and gave hisRead More
SCHOENSTATT, Maria Fischer • It was one of the stormiest days in this stormy month of March, the day when Fr Dr Michael Marmann was buried. Much was said in those two hours while the storm raged around the towers of the Church of the Blessed Trinity. His confreres and successors as Superior General of the Schoenstatt Fathers, his friends from “Together for Europe”, Schoenstatt members with whom he started in Regensburg, had much to say in those two hours, and at the end his own words resounded, which FrRead More
PARAGUAY, Joaquín Santiviago • The decision and the total commitment to a personal vocation is also expressed as a manifestation from the basis that beauty emanates: God, who is the foundation stone of life. Music is the basis of my vocation, my vocation as a child, father, my vocation as educator, my Schoenstatt vocation, my Christian vocation. I find God in music, but in it, God found me first because He sang to me first. In this immense gift of hearing God’s voice in music, I feel called to serveRead More
PARAGUAY, Lucas Zelada • The Schoenstatt Fathers’ Institute joyfully invites everyone to participate in the Eucharist on 8 July 2017, at Santa Maria de la Trinidad Church, Tupãrenda Shrine, Ypacaraí, Paraguay. During this celebration, novices will receive the Zion Alb from the hands of the General Superior, Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio; the Zion Alb is a sign of belonging to our Institute. The novitiate began on the Feast of St. Joseph, 19 March 2017. The Lord has gathered young men from ten different nations and six different languages to ourRead More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer • With the joyous smile of a child at Christmas he held out a photo in the flickering light of an open logwood fire. It showed his meeting with the man he has portrayed in bronze for many years. “I don’t just have his photo”, he said reflectively, “I actually met him myself”. It was noticeable how he emphasised the word “met”, and you realised he was relating more than a fleeting encounter. It was late afternoon in Spring and the end of a long andRead More
ARGENTINA, by Claudia Echenique • On the 22nd Feast of the Sion Shrine, Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio, General Superior of the Schoenstatt Fathers who at that time was visiting Argentina, said that “love and the infinite mercy of God for his children are perhaps the major points of encounter between Pope Francis and our Father and Founder.  They both have the same desire, the same conviction:  that this message of Mercy reaches modern man today who needs it so much.” All wanted to be present at the Sion Feast ThatRead More
Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers, Mount Sion – Official Release • Today, 22 August, the feast day of Mary’s Queenship, the General Chapter of the Schoenstatt Fathers, with great joy, want to communicate that they have elected the new general council of their institute. The members are: Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio (Argentina), Superior General Fr. Antonio Bracht (Brazil), First Councillor Fr. José Luis Zabala (Chile), Responsible for the Free Communities Fr. Heinrich Walter (Germany), Councillor Fr. Raúl Espina (Chile), Councillor We ended the day in our Mount Zion ShrineRead More
Secular Institut of the Schoenstatt Fathers  • The Argentine Schoenstatt Father, Father Juan Pablo Catoggio, Isch is the new General Superior of the Schoenstatt Fathers Secular Institute. The 41 participants of the 5th General Chapter, who have been meeting since August 5th in Schoenstatt, elected him on August 20th to be the head of their Institute. Catoggio takes over from the German father, Heinrich Walter ISch, who held this office for 12 years. The 61 year old priest is the first Argentine to lead their community. The new General SuperiorRead More