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By Pamela Fabiano, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the Vatican. An article in the series: What Does the Holy Year of Mercy Mean? • “Jesus Christ is the face of the Father’s mercy” (Misericordiae Vultus, 1) The Papal Bull on the Proclamation of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy that has been alive now for several months throughout the world, condenses, summarizes and recapitulates in its beginning words, the mystery of the Christian faith. In Christ, the merciful Father takes on a human face to reveal, in a definite way,Read More

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Mercy and power

FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • A topic that is both daring and current: mercy and power. “May all forms of power be service, justice and mercy, like Jesus,” said the Pope. May all forms of power in the state in the world of work, in the Church, in movements, in communication be service, justice and mercy. A challenge. What Francis suggests, questions the reality of many countries, parts of the Church, places of work, so many areas. Today, on the Lenten journey in the Holy YearRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • On 13 January, Pope Francis presided over the General Audience in Paul VI Hall, beginning a catechetical series on God’s mercy in the Bible and he reflected on the passage from Exodus: “the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.” For the Schoenstatt Family, this is an opportunity to reflect on the “coincidence” of the 50th anniversary of Fr. Kentenich’s 13 December 1965, “letter of mercy” and his covenant with God the Father, theRead More
BRAZIL, Gregory Oliveira • The spirit of Christmas once again takes into account the dark streets of Sao Paulo/SP, thanks to Christmas in Solidarity. At dawn on 25 December 2015, Schoenstatt Apostolic Youths from the Jaraguá neighborhood once again transformed the solitude of the night into a smile for those who live alone on the capital’s streets and avenues. Christmas in Solidarity reached the ten-year mark of mission with great celebration. The apostolic initiative began in 2005 with a small group of Youths from Jaraguá going through the city’s streetsRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME, HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • “Don’t you have another question?” He also noticed that the goodbye was near and perhaps he wanted to give me the joy of enjoying this meeting to the last moment, because we knew that it would not happen again for some time. I went to interview him, but in the end it was he who gently took care that I could ask all of my questions…Trying to be creative for my last question, I told him somewhat abruptly: “Yes, Your Holiness. ThereRead More
PARAGUAY, by Maria Fischer • When Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio opened the “Holy Door” of the Original Shrine on 13 December, he showed the two dimensions of mercy: “The first and basic dimension is the mercy of God the Father, ‘…a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness..’ (Exodus 34:6), which is repeatedly given to us, and which we repeatedly experience. The second dimension is our attitude of mercy to everyone, and in particular those who suffer. Two parables of Luke’s Gospel –Read More
VIS/ schoenstatt.org editorial team• “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” is the theme the Holy Father has chosen for the Message of the 31st World Youth Day that will take place in July 2016 in Krakow, Poland; the text of which can be found below. Once again, Pope Francis is very practical: he calls on the youth to make an act of mercy each month during the Jubilee of Mercy. “I would suggest that for the first seven months of 2016 you choose a corporal and aRead More
FRANCIS IN CUBA – MISSIONARY OF MERCY • Pope Francis recalled that the soul of Cuba, which “neither disgrace nor poverty were ever able to crush the faith” and challenged the people of Cuba to “live the revolution of tenderness like Mary,” during the Mass he celebrated at the Shrine to Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre. Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre is the Patroness of Cuba and is considered by believers and non-believers as a “symbol of what it is to be Cuban.” According to theRead More
FRANCIS IN CUBA – MISSIONARY OF MERCY • In Holguín, the easternmost part of Cuba, Pope Francis celebrated the second large mass of his apostolic visit to the island, at Plaza de la Revolución. Holguín – the third largest city in Cuba and which has never had a papal visit – received the Pontiff with great enthusiasm. Pope Francis’ homily at the mass celebrated at Plaza de la Revolución in Holguín (21 September 2015) We are celebrating the feast of the apostle and evangelist Saint Matthew. We are celebrating theRead More
FRANCIS IN CUBA – MISSIONARY OF MERCY • On the second day of his visit to Cuba, Pope Francis improvised an address to the bishops and the religious, calling for “poverty and mercy.” Taking up the theme of the sermon in the Mass, from disinterested service instead of service of the other and also of one’s own misery, he emphasized the service that many missionaries had carried out in the Caribbean island. He thanked them for this service, particularly toward the little ones, the neediest. “There are pastoral services whichRead More