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Maria Fischer • Today, while looking for something completely different, I found a letter written to Father Kentenich more than 20 years ago. A letter on the last page of a Schoenstatt magazine from 2003, which has long since ceased to exist. The author was then part of the editorial team of this magazine (Brücke, German Professional Women’s Branch) and with this letter she wanted to promote something, more than ten years before the jubilee of 2014. — And as I read the letter, I wonder if it has reachedRead More
50 años del Santuario de La Victoria
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Claudia Echenique, Maria Fischer • July 9, 2023 was the 50th anniversary of the blessing of the Schoenstatt Shrine in La Victoria, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. A day of great joy to celebrate all the gifts of the Shrine that give life and make graces flow from La Victoria. — Father José Luis Correa, the outgoing Schoenstatt Continental Coordinator for the Americas, also participated. “Archbishop Francisco Ozoria Acosta of Santo Domingo, the main celebrant, placed me next to him,” he said. “He placed the auxiliary bishop on theRead More
DILEXIT ECCLESIAM, editors, with material from www.laudatosiweek.org and the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Integral Development• We are in the midst of Laudato Si Week (May 16-24), called by Pope Francis in March of this year, to celebrate the five years of the publication. A week celebrated around the world with workshops, symposia, virtual prayers, supported by dioceses, media, movements and institutions around the world, and which will culminate on Sunday May 24th at noon with a time of collective prayer. Catholics around the world will be united spiritually becauseRead More
BRAZIL, Sueli Vilarinho • The Shrine of our Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt in São Paulo/SP, situated in Jaraguá, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding and mission. The shrine was blessed on 31 May 1969 and since then, has welcomed many pilgrims, families, youth, consecrated men and women, and laity from so many different backgrounds, drawing them into a personal encounter with God through our Mother Thrice Admirable.— In order to celebrate these five decades of grace, the regional community of the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers, togetherRead More
ARGENTINA, Mónica García • The Schoenstatt Family in Rawson, Argentina is preparing for the 25th Jubilee of Tierra de la Promesa (The Promised Land) Shrine, which will be celebrated from 12-16 December 2018. During this time, a statue of St. Michael the Archangel, which has been joyfully and steadily conquered spiritually and materially as a family, will be blessed and erected.— Retreat for Movements at Santuario Tierra de la Promesa On October 20th, in the spirit of an open shrine, there was a Retreat for Movements that work in theRead More
by Felix Geyer • “Take our love, our loyalty, our yes. For Schoenstatt’s new 100 years. This is what this torch represents”. This was heard during the celebration of the Jubilee 2014’s Vigil in the large pilgrims’ arena. The torch, which the youths brought from Italy that lit pilgrims’ candles and the fire in the large fountain, became the symbol of that night and of new beginnings. Primarily, it is a promise: whoever lit his/her candle took the torch, or in the shrine, promised “Blessed Mother, here I am,” nowRead More
PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich • “Paying for the wrong we have done is one thing, but another thing entirely is the “breath” of hope, which cannot be stifled by anyone or anything. Our heart always yearns for goodness. We are in debt to the mercy that God constantly shows us, for he never abandons us (cf. Augustine, Sermon 254:1)… hypocrisy leads us to overlook the possibility that people can change their lives; we put little trust in rehabilitation, rehabilitation into society. Thus we forget that we are all sinners, and oftenRead More
By Agustín José Lombardi, an argentinean living in Guarapuava, Brazil • When we speak about originality within the movement, we normally refer to specific characteristics of Schoenstatt’s charism and pedagogy. Almost immediately, we connect this originality to the invitation our father and founder made to Mary, that she establish her abode in the Shrine and from there pour out her graces as intercessor. After a hundred years of history, we realize that Schoenstatt’s originality manifests itself through the characteristics that the Movement has developed in the countries where the cultureRead More
PARAGUAY, by María Fischer • “The private initiative of a member of our Family, in the context of the Jubilee Year – to build in the heart of Paraguay the basic infrastructures for homes which can continue being built by their beneficiaries – led us to the decision that the gift we can give to His Holiness through Covenant solidarity and with the support of friends and acquaintances, is to give 100 basic homes to 100 families who live in extreme poverty. They will be the living remembrance of ourRead More
By Juan Zaforas, Sarah-Leah Pimentel and Maria Fischer • A year has gone by, making it a good time remember what Pope Francis told us during the meeting with the Schoenstatt Movement on the centenary of its founding. It became one of the main projects that the Schoesntatt.org team began to work on immediately after the audience: to copy, edit, correct, translate, publish the audience text on Schoenstatt.org, as a well-designed pamphlet and as a book and e-book – the latter in collaboration with Nueva Patris, Santiago – to spreadRead More