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Schoenstatt – Mount Moriah, Fr. Helmut Ruegamer • The sixth General Congress of the Priests’ Institute has begun on Mount Moriah. Already on Sunday, July 31, 2022, most of the members of the General Congress had arrived. On the first of August, the Congress began on Monday with a Mass in the Original Shrine and a visit to Mount Schoenstatt to the tomb of Fr. Kentenich. — The Congress is composed of delegates from the six regions of the Priests’ Institute, all of which are represented. In the afternoon, theRead More
Institute of our Lady of Schoenstatt. Hanna Grabwoska • At the end of the first part of the General Congress in Haus Regina in Schoenstatt, the participants and Director General, Fr Alejandro Martinez send their greetings, and thank the Schoenstatt Family for accompanying them with their prayers. – Schoenstatt, 6 January 2019   Dear Schoenstatt Family, At the end of the first part of our General Congress, the Secular Institute of our Lady of Schoenstatt send sincere greetings from Schoenstatt to the worldwide Schoenstatt Family. The twenty-five participants from nineRead More
From Fr Stefan Keller, Chairman of the Fifth General Congress, and Fr Heinz-Martin Zipfel, Chairman of the Election Commission • Dr. Christian Löhr was elected the new Rector General of the priests’ community at the Fifth General Congress of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests taking place in the priests’ house on Berg Moriah, Schoenstatt, Germany. Helmut Rügamer was elected General Course Leader. Further elected members of the General Government are the General Consulters: Dr. Francisco A. Jimenez, Stefan Keller and Dr. Denis Ndikumana. The new General Council: Helmut Rügamer,Read More
Fifth General Congress of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests, by Martin Emge • 28 January 2016, Mount Moriah. The entrance is decorated in red and orange, the colours of Belmonte. There is an exhibition stand, cups, brochures, visiting cards, roll ups, the last Rosaries from Belmonte, and in between interested, curious and surprised priests with or without selfie sticks. Fundraising basics for participants at the Congress, a crash course for the members of the Fifth General Congress of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests. The way a fundraising boxRead More
By Maria Fischer • The General Congress of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests begins on Saturday, 15 January, at the Priests’ House on Mount Moriah, Schoenstatt. A total of 36 priests from eight provinces will gather until the 30 January and then they will have a second gathering on 14-28 August. Delegates from the Province of Burundi, founded in 2015, who now have the right to vote, will attend for the first time. Other news: two members from the Philippines Institute have been invited to the Congress as observers;Read More