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By Maria Fischer • It is a spring day in the Schoenstatt valley, with blue skies, bright sunshine, and intense natural colors that only happen in Germany this time of the year.  It is a very peaceful day; as I walked to the Original Shrine, I only saw a couple and much later, a small group of Sisters of Mary. However, before passing through the Door of Mercy, I took some photos, and I sent them via Whatsapp to some Ecuadorians, with the simple caption: “Praying for Ecuador.” I didRead More
by Maria Fischer • On Saturday, 23 April, Fr Egon M. Zillekens spoke to the District Gathering of the Lions Club in Saarbrucken about the earthquake in Ecuador, its consequences and its challenges for the people from his former parish near the epicentre. Immediate practical help combined with reflection on the causes of the destruction and chaos to an extent that has happened. For example, “Nobody lives, thinks, educates, builds or organises while taking into account that this is a country subject to earthquakes. That is why the chaos isRead More
ECUADOR, by Fernando Gonzáles and Maria Fischer • “We are very enthusiastic as we look forward to this 18th,” wrote Fernando González, a missionary of the Pilgrim Mother from Salinas, in the province of Santa Elena, in Ecuador. A few days prior, he had contacted the editorial team with a simple question: “How does one organize an 18th?” With a little bit of material and a lot of encouragement, he convoked the other missionaries to find a location and to prepare everything. He promised to send photos and theRead More
By editors • News  continues to arrive regarding the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Ecuador which has has killed at least 77 people and injured more than 500. The quake, Ecuador’s largest since 1979, hit at 18:58 on Saturday (23:58 GMT) near the northern town of Muisne. There is considerable damage to the epicenter area in the province of Manabi in the north of the country, the surrounding areas, and even in distant areas like Guayaquil, where a bridge collapsed, and south of Quito in San Miguel de los Bancos, Manta. Read More

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Chile Trembles

CHILE, Carmen María Rogers • 16 September. It is spring. The streets are particularly beautiful and bright with trees in flower and the buildings decorated with flags. The supermarkets, automatic tills, the exits to Santiago, the petrol stations…everywhere reigned the joyful excitement filled with the promise of rest during a special weekend: the eve of the national celebrations and on the 17th some only work a half day, but everyone is preparing the barbeque, the trip, the party. People discuss the political situation, next week in The Hague; there isRead More
by Álvaro Real,, VIS • Pope Francis decided to send $100,000 in aid to Nepal to help those affected by the earthquake that hit the country in late April and has taken the life of more than 4,000 people. The aid, which will be sent to the local Church will be used to help those displaced and the victims of the earthquake, and is a practical expression of the Pope’s feeling of spiritual closeness and fatherly encouragement toward the people and places that have been affected, during Sunday’s ReginaRead More