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Catedral de La Plata
ARGENTINA, Fr. Jorge González / María Fischer • We are sitting in a well-lit corner, in front of the living quarters of the new parish priest at the Cathedral of La Plata, Fr. Jorge González, of the Priests’ Federation in Argentina. He took up his position a few weeks ago and is already working at full steam to “enshrine the cathedral,” as he described it, referring to a famous expression by Cardinal Bergoglio, today Pope Francis. Without having planned it, María Teresa and Daniel Martino and I witnessed one ofRead More
From Maria Fischer • “Nations shall walk by your light, kings by the radiance of your dawning … the LORD will be your light forever, your God will be your glory” (Isaiah 60). One of the most beautiful Advent texts from the Old Testament involuntarily comes to mind when you open the heavy, beautiful wooden door of the House Marienau chapel. It is still the same chapel, the chapel where Father Kentenich celebrated Holy Mass, a place of many precious memories and encounters, of prayer and praise of God… ButRead More
ARGENTINA, La Plata, Ricardo Moro • During this year, the Family from the La Plata Archdiocese will have a double celebration: on one hand we will celebrate the first fifty years since the blessing of our Freedom Shrine, and on the other hand, the first fifty years of the Father and Founder’s freedom from his exile in Milwaukee.  A celebration that could be triple, because fifty years ago, it was the Archbishop of La Plata, who in addition to building and blessing the Shrine, ordained the first Schoenstatt Fathers.  Therefore weRead More