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A letter to the Schoenstatt Youth

Night of the Shrine 2008Dear young people gathered in Schoenstatt,

On this Night of the Shrines, you are renewing a Covenant of Love sealed four years ago by 2500 young people in the name of thousands of Schoenstatt Youth in their home countries and the millions of youth in this world who struggle to find their place and their unique mission in this life.


Covenant of Love for the youth of the world, 2005Although you may be a small group, you are the faithful representatives for the Youth of the World and your efforts, however small and seemingly insignificant, WILL change hearts and build a better world from the Shrine, Fr. Kentenich once said: “I am most pleasing to the highest because I am small.”

The committment you have made to come year after year to the Mother Shrine to renew your Covenant as the youth of the world brings many contributions to the Capital of Grace, so that our Blessed Mother can work to transform hearts of even those young people who have never even heard of Schoenstatt. Your strivings will reach into unknown places in the darkest and most desperate corners of this world, bringing a ray of light to those who suffer within the prisons of poverty, fear, insecurity, abuse and addiction. Your love will break their chains of bondage.

My words to you on this blessed night are also the words of our dear founder:

“Years ago you set for us the goal inspired by the Holy Spirit:
To proclaim you, who bear all life in your arms,
the Queen of the (Youth of the) World.

We were only a small group then,
But with each passing year and to your glory,
we expanded to other noble nations
who live closely together with us here (…)

Rule over us as pleases God
and make us the salt and leaven of the world.
Let us become one heart and one soul
as our Lord implored during his earthly life

and despite each individual way remain united,
dedicating ourselves to the Father as an ideal kingdom
and overcoming all barriers of nationality
even when hate infests the masses of the nations.

Increase the numbers and depth of our family
and use us as your instruments forever.
May we fulfill the great mission
which you have implored for us in accordance with the Father’s will. Amen.

Yours faithfully,
A youthful heart that beats for our Mother Thrice Admirable, our MTA


Note: Follow the Vigil live on, 10:00 PM – 12:00 PM local time (Germany)