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Investment: Savings or Inheritance?

By Agustín Lombardi, Guarapuava, Brazil •

Many are the unknowns within the uncertain future of our countries, in both their political and economic surroundings. Therefore more and more, concern grows among the people regarding the future and financial substance. It is not necessary to say that to have this precaution and to plan is a great step. But…are we likewise concerned with the preparation and development of the inheritance we are going to leave?

In the daily routine in which we are involved, we often do not allow ourselves to stop and see that which is truly essential for our lives. And at the moment, I am not speaking about only one factor, but about various questions like spirituality, health and family. We are constantly struggling to find and to maintain the balance among the various aspects that form a healthy and happy life. Considering happiness, not as a goal we wish to reach, but definitely as an experience of small and large happy moments throughout our lives.

From the point of view of a capitalist system, success is directly related to that which we have and not to what we are. And to enter into that frenzied rhythm of consumption often makes us forget other essential life factors. In this very competitive context, we are obligated to rapidly trace a plan and to plan the next steps to becoming a successful professional. Often we do not know exactly what this means, but the velocity and inertia requires us to have an immediate response.

Today we are bombarded with obsolete messages, whether from products or from our own life. Previously a college education allowed us access to the job market, today, that does not mean much. Within the surroundings of human resources at work, we daily observe that we encounter curriculums filled with newfound theories, and people without a proactive attitude, struggling with difficulty in daily situations, low emotional intelligence among other things. And it is easy to identify that many of these deficiencies are due to placing excessive efforts on technical growth and not on personal characteristics.

Therefore it is necessary to stop, be silent and listen to God’s Providence in our hearts. To do the ordinary extraordinarily does not mean to fill our lives with new obligations, but to place our talents into action searching for a new society, forming new men. Knowing our own temperament, with its weaknesses and strengths, is a good start. To work daily on our self-education and search for our personal ideal also allows us to prepare ourselves for the future built on our present choices.

The world needs people that not only value and search to foster their profession but their vocation. Fathers committed to the education of their children, consecrated persons who take care of and guide the flock, and youths who are aware of their decisions and attitudes among so many vocations. Therefore in addition to being financially prepared for the future, we will be prepared to leave as our inheritance, a better world.

I invite you to do your part; we will all pay the price!

Original Spanish: Translation: Carlos Cantú, Schoenstatt Family Federation, La Feria, Texas USA 01312016. Edited by: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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