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By Agustín Lombardi and Maria Fischer • Somethings don’t have an expiration date. They continue to be current and of use for so many. “It is a great richness for the family ministry,” Bishop Francisco Pistilli of Encarnación commented, when this week, he received the E-Book, 20 Reflections about the Family, a compilation of twenty reflections on the family taken from Fr. Nicolas Schwizer’s talks. After every reflection, questions are posed to deepen each topic even more.  Congratualting for the initiative, Bishop Francisco Pistilli said: “May it inspire manyRead More
By Agustín Lombardi, Guarapuava, Brazil • Many are the unknowns within the uncertain future of our countries, in both their political and economic surroundings. Therefore more and more, concern grows among the people regarding the future and financial substance. It is not necessary to say that to have this precaution and to plan is a great step. But…are we likewise concerned with the preparation and development of the inheritance we are going to leave? In the daily routine in which we are involved, we often do not allow ourselves toRead More
By Agustín José Lombardi, an argentinean living in Guarapuava, Brazil • When we speak about originality within the movement, we normally refer to specific characteristics of Schoenstatt’s charism and pedagogy. Almost immediately, we connect this originality to the invitation our father and founder made to Mary, that she establish her abode in the Shrine and from there pour out her graces as intercessor. After a hundred years of history, we realize that Schoenstatt’s originality manifests itself through the characteristics that the Movement has developed in the countries where the cultureRead More