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20 reflections about the family – a free E-Book from!

By Agustín Lombardi and Maria Fischer

Somethings don’t have an expiration date. They continue to be current and of use for so many. “It is a great richness for the family ministry,” Bishop Francisco Pistilli of Encarnación commented, when this week, he received the E-Book, 20 Reflections about the Family, a compilation of twenty reflections on the family taken from Fr. Nicolas Schwizer’s talks. After every reflection, questions are posed to deepen each topic even more.  Congratualting for the initiative, Bishop Francisco Pistilli said: “May it inspire many families!”

An hour after its publication on’s Facebook page, the E-Book already had forty-four downloads.

“Javier, did you think that this service would become a way to make Fr. Kentenich’s thinking popular through the various Catholic websites? Surprised by all this success…and going for more.” Fr. Antonio Cosp’s thirty word comment, uniting two favorite Schoenstatt subjects in this country: to make Schoenstatt popular – the Covenant of Love, the Shrine, Fr. Kentenich – along with communication and the use of the Internet and social media in general for evangelization. It is about Fr. Nicholas’ Reflections that is disseminated twice monthly via email as a virtual retreat, and that is within reach of many through the service of and also of several Catholic portals, not only in Spanish, but also in Portuguese, English and German.

Last year, within the context of Amoris Laetitia, Agustín Lombardi, from the team, began to compile twenty texts from the great richness offered by couples from Ciudad del Este Paraguay, who have drafted Fr. Nicolas’ texts in order to offer them to many others. Now it can be downloaded – free – with a contemporary and attractive design as a contribution to discover the “Joy of Love that is experienced in the families” (AL 1), since “the welfare of the family is decisive for the future of the world and that of the Church.” (AL 31)





Download the E-book FREE!!! – 20 Reflections about the Family (in Spanish)
Click here

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

Virtual Retreat: Fr. Nicholas

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