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Numerous topics and intense work in Lima – CIEES 2017

PERÚ, Fr. Marcelo Aravena

The first workday of IV CIEES Congress in Lima, Perú, began with the Cardinal Primate of Lima, Juan Luis Cipriani.

The family, education, the source of work, and the entrepreneur are in a “state of emergency,” affirmed Cardinal Cipriani, in his homily to the participants of the congress during Holy Mass celebrated in the chapel at the University of Piura, on November 3. Therefore he encouraged the CIEES members not to give up the struggle of giving Catholic witness in the world of business and labor. He insisted on the importance that faith should embody fair social organizations that promote the dignity of the human person making the social doctrine of the Church a concrete reality. At the end of the Mass, Cardinal Cipriani received a gift from the Perúvian organizers.

“Snapshots,” of the November 3 conferences:

Carlos Barrio, Argentina, author of the recently launched book: “Alegría en el trabajo,” presented: “Enrique Shaw, a markedly lay spirituality.” Enrique Shaw, an Argentinean businessman in the process of canonization, was outstanding for his unconditional giving of self for the good of workers.

Other presenters were Rolando Medeiros, from Chile: The company as a noble activity; Oscar Maurtúa, from Perú: Vision of the business leader before corruption; Carolina Dell Oro, from Chile: Attachments– a new way of exercising authority: Francisco Luna, México: Direction for partnerships and service; Pablo Navarro, Chile: Handbook of the Schoenstatt business leader; and Javier Calvo Pérez, from Perú: “Guardian F Culture.”


Carlos Barrio, from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Amoris Laetitia in Quechua

Photo: P. José María García

At 8:00 am on November 4, in the chapel at the University of Piura, the community of CIEES gathered to celebrate the Mass with Bishop Piñeiro, president of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference.

This became a beautiful encounter of faith and communion. He invited the executives and businessmen to “bet” on Ayacucho since it needs a great deal of development. The city is known nationally as well as internationally thanks to its works of art, for which it was declared the “Capital of Popular Art and Peruvian Art.” It is city of great Catholic fervor having more than thirty vice royal churches of Renaissance, Baroque, and mixed-style, that house real works of art as in paintings, pictures, and beautiful wood carved altarpieces coated in gold leaf. Moreover it is also noted for its majestic colonial houses, there are archeological remains, and artistic manifestations revealing a historic past and a tradition that still current.

At the end of the celebration, Bishop Piñeiro presented a gift to all the participants. It was a portable altar with Quechuan motifs that artistically expresses Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia: kusi kuyai = The Joy of Love Quechua.

It is an artwork and model of enculturation with Pope Francis’ prayer for the family in the center.


Photo: P. José María García

Spirituality is that which produces a change in the person

Saturday morning, November 4, was dedicated to the spirituality of the Schoenstatt executive and businessman. The need that the businessman requires to cultivate virtues that nourish their spirit was stressed. He has to be an educated educator, a leader or “coach” with an inner life. This inner life is cultivated with the pedagogy and the life of the personal ideal, and this ideal shows the way and the road for one’s leadership as a businessman.

Luis Carlos Mozzato, from Brazil presented the first session, “The importance to cultivate spirituality for the leader.” Eduardo Jurado, from Ecuador, presented the second one with a testimonial “Organic business.” Antonio Tous, from Costa Rica, offered the third talk “Application of the code of ethics and good business practices.” Finally there was time for a practical workshop with the topic: “Spiritual strategy of the business.” Armando Del Bosque, from the United States, led this one.

During the afternoon, Miguel Lelo de Larrea, from México, presented the fourth talk of the day regarding “The Method of Practical Faith in Divine Providence applied to the business relationships” considering that work is an excellent means to transcend as a person.

Alberto Saluustro, from Paraguay, was in charge of the penultimate activity of the Congress, with an eloquent testimony about the “Work Shrine” as a way of leading souls to Christ and imparting meaning to human work.

Fernando Tamayo, Perú, presented the final contribution with his “Yaqua” project, water to help: your thirst is quenched.” His inspiring motto: Poverty is not conquered with charity but with justice. It is about a project that takes water to poor communities.

Providentially on the same day, Pope Francis stressed the social commitment of businesses when he welcomed approximately 300 members of Sixt, a car rental holding company, present in more than one hundred countries around the world. When the Pontiff welcomed them, he thanked Mrs. Regina Sixt for her introduction, which spoke of her shared commitment to works of charity, carried out through the Drying Little Tears Foundation and aimed above all at helping children in various situations of need. This project was born in 2000, within the business. “These efforts allow you the opportunity to make your professional activity a noble vocation, by recognizing a greater meaning in life. Beyond personal and financial success, you are striving to serve the common good by working to increase the goods of this world and to make them more available to all “ (cf. Evangelii Gaudium, 203).

(From Vatican Radio)

Christian Ketterer and Guido Rubio, México, concluded everything with a workshop –“CIEES toward 2021, vision of the future.” What are the strategic driving forces in growing as CIEES?

The workday ended with a country dinner at Hacienda Mamacona on the outskirts of Lima. The closing ceremony was also held at there.


For more information visit the website:, where over time the conferences from this Congress will be available (only in Spanish).


Original: Spanish. 5 November 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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