Misiones Miramar

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Mission Ver Sacrum 2023 in Miramar

ARGENTINA, Juliana Bellone, via Schoenstatt.org.ar

A new edition of the Ver Sacrum Mission, organized by the university youth of Mar del Plata and Miramar, was held from August 19-21. With the motto “Sacred Springtime, creating a heaven on earth”, this year the mission had the participation of about thirty-five boys and girls who visited the community of the Aeroparque neighborhood in the city of Miramar for four days. They visited house by house to share the Word, take the Pilgrim MTA, and invite to workshops and activities for adults and youth. —

Misiones MiramarThe Ver Sacrum mission has been carried out since 2009 and emerged from the desire of the youth to be instruments of Mary. This is how its protagonists define it when they say: “She is our bridge to God, and we are her feet on earth. To do this, we use the image of the Pilgrim Virgin, who helps us to keep us always on the move”.

The closeness of Bishop Mestre in his farewell

As a finishing touch to the mission, this year the boys had a special presence: Bishop Gabriel Mestre, in his last days as Bishop of the Diocese of Mar del Plata (he has already taken over as Archbishop of La Plata), presided the closing Mass in the parish of St. Andrew, Miramar (Schoenstatt.org reported). The pastor, Father Pablo Boldrini, and the diocesan advisor of the Schoenstatt Movement, Father Juan Cruz Mennilli, concelebrated.

In an emotional moment, Bishop Mestre took advantage of the celebration to bid farewell to the Schoenstatt youth and the city of Miramar. During the homily, he thanked the youth for their effort and commitment and encouraged them to always follow the road of the mission, strengthening their faith in this daily commitment. Three novices of the Schoenstatt Fathers, who were working in Mar del Plata as part of their novitiate, accompanied the celebration.

Exchange of hearts

Misiones MiramarJuliana Bellone, one of the members of the missionary group told us how she experienced those days in Miramar.

“Ver Sacrum, this incredible mission of university students, was one of the most beautiful experiences that the Blessed Mother gave me. We arrived at night, we got to know each other a little more among all the missionaries, we went to bed, and we got up for our first day of mission. We went from house to house, telling what we were doing, where we came from, and what we came to share with them for the long weekend… The openness of the people was incredible, how they welcomed you, thanked you, and in many cases, they told you about their life experiences. They fully trust that God is always with them, and that the most important thing is to be healthy and in family. They taught me that we can live in a much simpler way, but always with a lot of love.

In the afternoon, we held workshops for children and young people, and we also shared some delicious mates with the people who came to join us.

If I could define it in one sentence, it would be an exchange of hearts. Through this exchange, we grow in love, in spiritual life, and in the capacity to fulfill the mission entrusted to us, to create a heaven on earth”.

Misiones Miramar


Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer @schoenstatt.org

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