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Recalling the Here and Now of the Family Missions of La Plata…

ARGENTINA, La Plata, Guillermo Lubrani •

A substantive return emerged from the first beautiful meeting with Maria Fischer…whose profundity inspires: “We remember that the treasures that we have in our hearts, which are many, should be shared with others…otherwise they would not be treasures…or they would be hidden treasures no one can enjoy.” At the same time, I recalled the Biblical text of the example of the lamp:

“Jesus told them: “Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.” (Mt. 5:15)

So much history was experiential in this meeting of Family Missions. Perhaps the memories of everyone who was present became personal and comradely memories– memories appreciated with a big heart– as those who sowed for the first time and who discovered a hidden treasure they wanted to share. Seventeen years ago they generously said: “Join in…it is worthwhile.”

I recall a swarm of ideas and first thoughts, embossed with crude, rich prose and attached to the roots of our family mysteries, fraternal and of friendships that were forged or were providential, of those who drew us to this apostolate and those who we drew to the missions. Extensive, thanks.


Who will not recall

Who will not recall, how the couples trembled when their children related their experiences of “their” missions, those open hearts that last an entire life? An indelible seal on the soul.

What a richness of friends there is when they say: “Today…we are going on mission together,” friends of the Boys’ and Girls’ Youth…forever.

What can we say when a priestly vocation appeared…that is now a reality?

What can we say about those youths who forged their courtships, and are couples today, and families?

How many fathers and mothers said upon the return of the children? “He/she was changed, what did they do to him/her…of course, it was for good.” Imbued with the fire of the mission.


Covenant solidarity

Those who prayed from their homes, who prayed or offered rosaries and Masses… what spiritual strength was showered in the Hail Mary! Covenant solidarity, is a separate chapter.

Great small concepts that became essence.

Only brush strokes.

Pleasant mates [herbal teas], mornings of long and meditated rosary, which never grow cold.

150421-01-argentina-misiones-familiaresShared and endearing friendships

Dreamlike tears, in extending a hand to one in need…Jesus does not defraud.

Serene, tempered joys…Jesus is among us.

To give and offer…God is our Father.

Fraternal gaze…Mary is our Mother.

Attentive listening…Jesus is risen. He lives.

True stories, personal experiences, and concrete deeds.

…Taking the Blessed Mother…the Good News: “Missionaries to Mission”

Who will not recall…after every sending forth: ” Missionaries to Mission?”

Ci vediamo. [Until we see each other again.]






Original: Spanish – Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA

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