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Bündnisfeier Marienberg Bamberg
GERMANY, Renate Siebenkäs •  It is Covenant Day at Easter time, and it is Covenant Day in times of war and civil war. When has the reading from the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 8:26-40) had such a direct reference to the times: “An angel of the Lord said to Philip: Arise and go south on the road that leads from Jerusalem to Gaza”. Fr. Andreas Hornung picks this up at the Covenant celebration at the Marienberg, Bamberg, and it is very moving because it names concrete destinations in theRead More
“No somos laicos por omisión, por no haber decido ser sacerdotes, monjes o consagrados. Somos laicos por vocación”
SPAIN, Narcís Vidal, from the Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt, Tarragona • A few days ago, I was invited by the diocese to participate in a congress for the laity in Madrid with a main theme: “The First Announcement”. — I must confess that my expectations were very low because of the reality around me. Accustomed to lectures full of ideas and desires where one then has the impression that it can come to nothing, or what is even worse, with rigid and strict concepts where one can hardly see theRead More
Easter 2023
POPE FRANCIS, EASTER 2023 • “To rise again, to begin again, to resume the journey, we always need to return to Galilee; not to the encounter with an abstract, ideal Jesus, but to the living, concrete and throbbing memory of the first encounter with Him. Yes, brothers and sisters, to walk we must remember, to have hope we must nourish the memory. This is the invitation: remember and walk! If you recover the first love, the wonder and joy of the encounter with God, you will go forward. Remember andRead More
PARAGUAY, CMT, Fr. Pedro Kühlcke and Maria Fischer • How does the blessing of the “Sternsinger”, the children dressed as “The Three Kings” from Germany, arrived to the front of the future bakery on the Casa Madre de Tuparenda, I must admit that it is a whole story full of magic, of a dream, of hope against all odds… — It was during Mass in a neighboring parish in January, at the end of the Christmas season, during the days when in Germany thousands of children dressed as kings, walkRead More
HOLY WEEK WITH POPE FRANCIS — FINALPRAYER OF THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS • At the end of the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, presided by Pope Francis at the Coliseum in Roome, where many of the first Christians died as martyrs, the Holy Father made a long and  emotional prayer to Jesus, “filled with shame, repentance and hope,” in the presence of 20,000 people. — Lord Jesus, we turn to you, filled with shame, repentance and hope. Before your supreme love, shame pervades us for leaving youRead More
HAPPY AND BLESSED EASTER TIME 2018• He is raised! We share the greatest message ever, and we share Pope Francis challenging sermon during Easter Vigil 2018.   Wishing all our readers an Easter earthquake ! — We began this celebration outside, plunged in the darkness of the night and the cold.  We felt an oppressive silence at the death of the Lord, a silence with which each of us can identify, a silence that penetrates to the depths of the heart of every disciple, who stands wordless before the cross.Read More
EASTER OF THE RESURRECTION • “Let us go back to proclaim, to share, to reveal that it is true: the Lord is alive!” With these words, Pope Francis urged those who attended the Easter Vigil not to remain closed in the tomb, but to resurrect like Jesus, and he warned that if we are not able to do this, we “are not Christians.” He encouraged everyone to be “driven to keep walking and not resign ourselves to the fact that things have to end this way.” This is the EasterRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – CHRISTMAS IN THE HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • “Like the shepherds of Bethlehem, may we too, with eyes full of amazement and wonder, gaze upon the Child Jesus, the Son of God. And in his presence may our hearts burst forth in prayer: Show us, Lord, your mercy, and grant us your salvation,” Pope Francis wished the faithful who joined him for 2015 Midnight Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. Francis called on the faithful to allow themselves to be embraced by the Christ Child and toRead More
By Juan Zaforas and Maria Fischer • I think the Christian family, the family, marriage has never been so attacked as it is now. Well then, there is nothing left to do than to do something. So then your question, what can we do? Yes, we can give good talks, declare principles, sometimes you have to do this, right? With clear ideas: Look, what you are proposing is not marriage, it is an association, but it is not marriage. Sometimes one has to say things clearly, and, of course, itRead More
Victoria*, a German student, has a special connection to Joseph Engling. She tells the readers of how this happened and what she wants to achieve for Joseph Engling • Dear brothers and sisters in the covenant of love, I am Victoria, live in Germany, and am studying history and Catholic theology. From birth I have been spastic. Since 2006 I have been asking Joseph Engling, one of the best-known Schoenstatters of the Founding Generation, to intercede for my healing, but so far without success. I am sure it isRead More