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Love transforms everything: Brave Men’s Rosary

PARAGUAY, Jorge G. Gamarra M. •

As a member of the Brave Men’s Rosary, I believe that like many others – I am like the prodigal son, mentioned in Luke’s Gospel 15:11-32, but with the added value of the merciful sheltering of the Father and guided by the Blessed Mother, the great Educator.

In the gatherings, where I participated like school classes, the Blessed Mother gradually healed my self-inflicted wounds caused by going through this dull, materialistic world.

Now I understand that every prayer gathering, every workshop, retreat and pilgrimage we have undertaken fills me with the festive welcome of that hug, of sharing with every brother’s sincere embrace, his spontaneous smile, who like me is sheltered and educated by the Blessed Mother; it is there you that already feel in God’s full presence.

As of now many ask us how “just praying the Rosary” can change us, and now I can answer by saying that love transforms everything, because every Hail Mary is a humble and simple gesture of our imperfect love, but still it is loved by the Blessed Mother.

By participating in the Brave Men’s Rosary Apostolate during every spiritual retreat – especially the last one we had – I realized God’s merciful effect, through different gestures among ourselves, imperfect men and centered on our egoisms.  We discovered through that Jesus’ phrase in John’s Gospel: “Behold your mother,” that she is the one who indicates that Jesus is the center of everything.

It is in these gatherings where we learn to become Christ-like, to follow the road to Eternal Life; this is where we are discovering the Truth in the simplicity of every brother’s deeds and experiences.  It is there where we cry without masks or pretense, and this is where we return to learn and desire to be children, where we give free rein to the tears oppressed by the day to day of our lives centered on this world and our very human desires.

This is where we feel closer to God, his Mother and the lives of the Saints, who were sinners like us and through God’s infinite mercy, they turned around and their lives and changed radically with sincere repentance. This is where, Jesus resonates telling us: Come and from now on do not sin any more. It is from here that the battle begins with oneself, with Jesus’ phrase resounding in our hearts.

This is where, in Schoenstatt and the Brave Men’s Rosary Apostolate, we feel festively welcomed and not judged by the Blessed Mother or the brothers, and where they make us feel the joy of knowing we are forgiven.

This is where we should learn, practice and give the greatest reverence to the King of Kings and his heavenly Mother. It is there where I have acquired the tools and materials to undertake building the Father’s Kingdom.

I pray for and thank each one of the brothers for hugs filled with blessing and encouragement they have dispensed.



Source: Magazine “Tupãrenda”, March 2017

Original: Spanish, 9 April 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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