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PARAGUAY, Nery Cabrera and Francisco Ugarte • Tupãrenda is a very appropriate place to deepen in the spiritual life and leave behind everything that pulls us down. With the Brave Men’s Rosary, this is accomplished even more. We received a great blessing all together as brothers, and we left spiritually strengthened to continue to go forward in this very beautiful apostolate of praying the Rosary and taking the Pilgrim Mother to the needy in our community. I thank the Blessed Mother for this opportunity of participating in the 4th BMRRead More
PARAGUAY, Jorge G. Gamarra M. • As a member of the Brave Men’s Rosary, I believe that like many others – I am like the prodigal son, mentioned in Luke’s Gospel 15:11-32, but with the added value of the merciful sheltering of the Father and guided by the Blessed Mother, the great Educator. In the gatherings, where I participated like school classes, the Blessed Mother gradually healed my self-inflicted wounds caused by going through this dull, materialistic world. Now I understand that every prayer gathering, every workshop, retreat and pilgrimageRead More