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Go out and encounter others…

SPAIN, José Delgado-Iribarren

With many responsibilities to carry out, we have a very hectic life that often does not allow us to do other things that seem less urgent, but that would let us help others and make us feel much better.

A couple of years ago, my professional situation has allowed me some time to do these things that in my case consist in helping disadvantaged people in our surroundings. It is about trying to follow Jesus’ call in the Gospel and to help our fellowman, anyone who needs it.

So they do not lose hope and struggle to overcome difficulties

So for over a little over a year, I have been collaborating as a Caritas volunteer, especially working in the area of helping with housing orientation. It is about helping people who come with any problem related to housing or sometimes other situations such as: people who cannot pay their mortgage and will lose their house, refinancing mortgages to enable them to continue paying, defaulting on rent due to unemployment, problems paying water or light bills… Although we unfortunately cannot resolve all of these problems completely, what we can do is to accompany these folks and help them find all the available resources to solve the situation or at least to alleviate their effects. We work with them so that they do not lose hope and will struggle to overcome the difficulties.

Not all the stories have a happy ending, but at least, they find someone who supports them and wants to help in an unconditional manner. For me, sitting in the parish and welcoming people who come to ask for help with “their problem” makes me feel that I am giving my little grain of salt in loving others, and living out our apostolic character.

Our knowledge at the service of those who need it

Many of us have had the opportunity to study in good schools and universities, to develop a professional career with the help of our life in Schoenstatt. This task allows us to place all this knowledge at the service of those who need it, and to give a greater social dimension to all of that training, so that many others can have the same opportunities that we have had.

It is clear that every person has his/her own place in life and not everyone is called to do the same things. Many times, the rich and essential family relationships already cover this field. In that case, when circumstances permit, putting into practice that to which you feel called, it makes one feel a great satisfaction, and it strengthens the trust of thinking that you are collaborating in God’s plan.

Original: Spanish.   5 April 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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