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Diocesan meeting of the Men’s Rosary and 12th anniversary of the first Rosary in the diocese

BRAZIL, Francisco Jales Junior •

On Sunday 26 July, the first diocesan meeting of the Men’s Rosary in Jandius, in Rio Grande do Norte was held. The morning-long programme brought together hundreds of men and their families from various neighbouring municipalities.

This is a regular event in the Men’s Rosary annual programme in Santa Luiza de Mossoró Diocese, which holds a diocesan meeting every two months in the towns that falling within the diocese. The diocesan coordinating team fulfilled their aim, bringing together more than 600 men at the Municipal Sports Gymnasium.

The members of the Men’s Rosary also celebrated the 12th anniversary of the first Rosary group in the diocese.


Men’s Rosary in Mossoró – Rio Grande do Norte

On 26 July 2003, with the intercession of our Mother Thrice Admirable, Luiz de França, who was then the Movement Coordinator, embraced this mission. Asking for the Holy Spirit to guide him, he began at the Blessed Mother’s house with a small group of eight men to pray the rosary, thereby reflecting on the life of Jesus, from Mary’s ‘fiat’, Jesus’ his birth and death on the cross.

Today, there are 40 groups divided among the six parishes in Mossoró-RN and Santa Luiza de Mossoró Diocese, who meet daily to give thanks for the grace that rains down on each of them and their families.


More photos – Janduis, Brasil
Original: Portuguese; Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, South Africa

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