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“… I know him in whom I have believed”.

P. Alberto Eronti, Argentina •

What has come forth in the Family as a result of the article that appeared in the German newspaper, Die Tagespost, written by Dr. A. von Teuffenbach, and confirming the repercussions that have taken place in the Schoenstatt Family, leads me to write these lines. 

I had the grace of knowing Father Kentenich personally. His person, his capacity of acceptance, his simple luminosity and his deep spirituality, impacted and still impacts my life today. As I got to know him more and deepened in his writings, I perceived that his priestly being and doing illuminated and oriented what I wanted and want to be: a priest of Christ. And like him, to announce the Good News of the compassionate and merciful love of God our Father.

In the face of the convulsion unleashed by the above-mentioned article, I find myself needing to express, in the words of Saint Paul, that “… I know him in whom I have believed” (2 Tim 1:12).

Are you coming with me?

Foto: Claudia Echenique

In this situation, and in the face of the understandable astonishment and/or anger at what some call “secrecy”, the words of Jesus come to mind, when many abandoned him after affirming that his Body was food and his Blood was drink: “Will you also go away”, he asked his apostles. Personally, I make my own Peter’s answer: “To whom shall we go?

My choice is clear: I am not going anywhere; I am staying with Father Kentenich. I feel that he is asking me: “Are you coming with me? My answer is categorical: “Yes, Father, I am coming with you. I know the facts that concern the context and us; nothing moves my confidence in him not even an inch. I firmly believe that the contribution of Schoenstatt to the Church is played out in these facts to a great extent. That is why, it is not by chance that this has happened, and rather it is Providence.

A right and an obligation to know the history of the family

On the other hand, I want to add that what happened should be “the best opportunity” to “free the father of the family” from the chains that still hold him prisoner. If those chains are in our history, then they must be cut. If to cut them is to give birth to facts that, for different reasons, were not revealed or were not fully revealed, it must be done in a truthful and proper way. In other words, so, that as far as possible all doubts are removed. The history of the Family is our history; therefore it is a right and an obligation to know it. Of course, one does not know or assume what one does not know.

There are no facts without context.  If you know something or everything about a fact, without knowing the context, it is very difficult to achieve a total understanding of it. In what affects and occupies us today, so that the facts and the context can be known and interpreted, it will be necessary that those who have the most information and documentation act seeking the most adequate way to create confidence, serenity and security in all the children of Schoenstatt. This is a right of all the members of the Family. Those responsible for this task will need, on behalf of everyone, an atmosphere that is as favorable as possible. Those who assume the responsibility of studying and elaborating the facts must keep in mind that the Family needs their work and the results to be credible. In short, it is a matter of sealing a covenant of commitment and mutual trust.

We need a “road map”

Many people have written to me, asking for clarification, interpretation, etc. of what happened. To many I have already replied that I will not add anything more. I am convinced that there are things in life that, because of wanting to clarify them, become more confused. It is not that I “erase” myself, simply that in this case it is necessary to unify the “story” not by manipulating the facts, but by avoiding nuances that disorientate. The truth is one, that’s what it’s all about.

I fervently hope that the General Presidency can soon implement – perhaps with the collaboration of the Diocese of Trier – a “road map”. Father Kentenich would tell us: “It is the Blessed Virgin who has to bring things to a good end”. We have a great opportunity to be a greater Family! Greater Father’s Family! Therefore, I believe and I make mine the expression of Father Kentenich: “The hour of your love has arrived! Of the love of God and of the love of our father and founder, of the greatest love of the Family.”

Today I pray deeper than ever: “Father, my heart in your heart, my thought in your thought; my hand in your hand; your mission, my mission; your priesthood, my joy; your Family, my Family.”


I greet you and I bless you with my usual affection,

Fr. Alberto E. Eronti

Sion del Padre, Florencio Varela, July 2020

Original: Spanish 2020-07-09, Translated by María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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  1. Rev. Charles Quinn says:

    I am a retired priest who has come to know Schoenstatt recently. I suggest patience and time. Much that is said now will be corrected or revised. Much that is upsetting now will settle down when seen in context. One thing is certain: the charism is of God and will remain a means of holiness no matter what.

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