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To serve is to love

PARAGUAY, Sandra Lezcano •

Once again the magnanimous love from the Blessed Mother’s hand was seen in their work. On this October 18, no one’s title was greater than another’s: businessmen directing traffic in the parking lot, executives serving water to pilgrims, or doctors acting as patients. In a nutshell, people, who usually lack time to complete their many activities, left it all for love of the Blessed Mother, and they voluntarily placed themselves at her service.

Dressed in white, the Sisters of Mary were seen helping with everything, discreetly, but ever attentive to any large or small needs of the family.

The Schoenstatt Fathers were also involved in everything. Many of them offered hours and hours for hearing pilgrims’ confessions under the trees, despite the intense heart.

An enormous number of youths were helping with different tasks, volunteers were seen everywhere, and they were easy to recognize because of their yellow jackets, which they proudly wore. There was not a single volunteer in all of Tupãrenda with an unhappy or angry looking face. Everyone put on their best smile, a smile that made them shine, because they transmitted a happiness born from the heart and only accomplished when one gives their best for someone they love.

Arriving at Tupãrenda on an October 18 evokes the sense of arriving at a mother with a large family’s birthday celebration, and where every child is concerned about taking good care of the guests; they take care of fixing up the house and looking after every detail. A true celebration is experienced– a true feast for a mother who does so much for her children.

Mother, we are here!

“We come because we need her, because without her the road is hard. We come to tell the Blessed Mother: “I am here, I am you son!” or “I am your daughter.” With this, Fr. Pablo Mullín, Tupãrenda’s Novice Master who celebrated the Healing Mass, began his homily.

In another part of his homily: “Today we come to express gratitude and with the confidence of children, we come to renew the hope that she will not abandon us.” A servant of Mary will never perish.” That is what is written on the frame of the Blessed Mother’s picture, it is written on the medals of those who have sealed their covenant of love with the Blessed Mother.”

Love is not easy

“Mary’s invitation on this day is to love as God loves. To love as Jesus loved us… this is what the world needs today.

Today God is asking you to love in your sorrow, your illness, in your problems. Then after a brief pause, Fr. Mullín continued saying: To all who take care of the sick and the elderly, thank you. Thank you because you are already loving like God did.”

He wrapped up his homily by addressing the pilgrims: “If you want to change your lives, those of your families, your neighbors’, know that love can do everything! But to get to that point you must pray, much prayer is needed. Every act of love transforms my life and the life of those who around me.”

Beautiful words that touched the hearts of so many people who arrived at Tupãrenda that afternoon, many of them to express their gratitude, others seeking healing, or a word of encouragement.

As the Holy Mass ended, the sun’s rays began to wane, and a fresh breeze wafted over the crowd manifesting the Mother Thrice Admirable’s great love for her children.

Original: Spanish. 23 October 2017, Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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