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PARAGUAY, Mónica Enciso Arrúa – “Mass on 1 May in Tupãrenda (5)” • On the way to the Santa Maria de la Trinidad church to celebrate Sunday Mass, we were chatting with other members of the Professional Branch about the Seminar on Kentenich Communication about the gifts that some saints and priests have of laying hands and healing the sick. At the time, this was one of many conversations we had during our retreat. Arriving at the church, I was taken aback by the large and beautiful image over theRead More
PARAGUAY, by Gissela Peralta – “Mass on 1 May in Tuparenda (2)” • Tuparenda, the house of God, is a place I’ve visited with my family since I was a little girl. It’s also where I had a special experience this Sunday during Mass. I am getting married in eight months and I’m preparing for the moment when I start my own family, listening to each conversation, each experience that can help me. At breakfast, before going to mass, the conversation was about the importance of good relationships and, inRead More