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PARAGUAY, Hombres Valientes Rosary by Oscar Velázquez Ferreira, Alfredo Cabrera • It was news in the different newspapers that have the widest readership in Paraguay: on the afternoon of Saturday, August 29, the Hombres Valientes [Brave Men] who pray the Rosary gathered approximately 30 km outside Asunción at the Laguna de Itá Park to pray for peace and for their families. Praying in public? The changes that occurred in the life of these men by praying the Rosary motivated them to gather to pray publically because “when we pray inRead More
Today Carlos E. Barrio Lipperheide responds: He is a lawyer who graduated from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires [National University of Buenos Aires] (1981], specializing in Business and Financial Law. He studied collective bargaining in Argentina and Harvard, mediation in the law school of UBA, and Ontological Coaching at the Institute of Comprehensive Studies. He is the program director of coaching for INICIA, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing training courses for new entrepreneurs. He wrote the book, Vivir la empresa en forma orgánica [To Live Business in an OrganicRead More