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VENEZUELA, Puerto La Cruz, diácono Alberto Badaracco • VENEZUELA, Puerto La Cruz, Deacon Alberto Badaracco • “In the corporal works of mercy we touch the flesh of Christ in our brothers and sisters who need to be fed, clothed, sheltered, visited…” Pope Francis tells us in his Lenten message during the Holy Year of Mercy. At the beginning of Lent, which the Holy Father placed under the theme: “The works of mercy on the road of the Jubilee,” we invite everyone who reads to place projects – large, small,Read More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY• We don’t know how many of the rectors and workers of the Schoenstatt shrine ministry attended and heard Pope Francis speak about welcoming the pilgrim: “It is important for pilgrims who cross the threshold of the shrine to feel treated more as family members than guests. They must feel at home, awaited, loved and looked upon with eyes of mercy.” This is one of the messages that Pope Francis gave to more than 3,000 participants of the Jubilee for Shrines and Pilgrimages,Read More
PARAGUAY, Lourdes Céspedes and Maria Fischer • Each 18th of every month, Schoenstatters gather to celebrate and to renew the Covenant of Love at the Original Shrine, at the world’s 200 daughter Shrines, and in many wayside shrines. It is perhaps the largest Marian pilgrimage in the world… On 18 January 2016, the first Covenant of Love day of the year during the midst of the summer vacation, Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign missionaries from General Elizardo Aquino in the Departmento de San Pedro gathered at the wayside shrine to pray theRead More
UNITED STATES, by Pablo Luis D’Amico, an Argentinean who lives at Seattle, United States • I learned about Schoenstatt several years ago (when I was dating), when my wife Laura’s mother told us about her conversations with Fr. Esteban Uriburu; she invited us to pray a Rosary at New Schoenstatt, Florencio Varela… The years passed, we married and Celina (our 15 year daughter) arrived and once again Schoenstatt appeared through the Santa Catalina [St.Catherine] Parish (in the middle of downtown Buenos Aires: Fr. Rafael Braun, the year 2007). Then theRead More
ARGENTINA, Inés Petiti • The renewal of the missionary commitment was held on 8 December at Goya’s Our Lady of Itatí parish. The missionaries of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign from Goya committed to walk with her for another year in a heavenly atmosphere characterized by the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the gift of the start of the Year of Mercy. This beautiful ceremony was held during the 8:00 p.m. Holy Mass. Fr. Orlando celebrated before Jesus and the Blessed Mother of Itatí, who sheltered all their children inRead More
ARGENTINA, Rosa Ciola • Sunday, 11 October, the Schoenstatt missionaries gathered at St. Joseph’s Parish, south Morón, (Greater Buenos Aires) close to the Blessed Mother to pray for the missions. They prepared an illuminated rosary with the usual love and enthusiasm. On this occasion, it was assembled with colors to symbolize each continent: yellow (Asia), blue (Oceania), white (Europe), red (America), and green (Africa). Many Pilgrim Mothers presided at the gathering. People arrived little by little while the music ministry provided songs. When everything was ready, we knelt as aRead More
PARAGUAY, Lena Barrios de Ortiz • The celebration for 18 October at Ciudad del Este Shrine, which also recently celebrated its 15th anniversary’s blessing, began early in the morning with a children’s Mass. It is a Mass that has been held at the Shrine for several years as part of 1,000,000 Children praying the Rosary campaign Church in Need sponsoring it. Children led the rosary. During the homily, Fr. Tommy Nin Mitchell, Director of the Schoenstatt Movement at Paraguay, encouraged the children’s participation by asking them: “Why do you comeRead More
ITALY, Belmonte, Rome, María Fischer • “It is not ‘Belmonte’, it is ‘Bellissimo Monte'”, Fr. João José from Angola said smiling. He learned about Schoenstatt when he studied German at the Kreuzberg Institute in Bonn and when he returned to Rome – where he studied Church history at the request of his bishop – he contacted Belmonte to offer his priestly service and become more attached with Schoenstatt in Rome. On September 6, he participated in the national encounter of the Schoenstatt Movement in Italy at Belmonte. Like every year,Read More
PARAGUAY, Hombres Valientes Rosary by Oscar Velázquez Ferreira, Alfredo Cabrera • It was news in the different newspapers that have the widest readership in Paraguay: on the afternoon of Saturday, August 29, the Hombres Valientes [Brave Men] who pray the Rosary gathered approximately 30 km outside Asunción at the Laguna de Itá Park to pray for peace and for their families. Praying in public? The changes that occurred in the life of these men by praying the Rosary motivated them to gather to pray publically because “when we pray inRead More
Today Carlos E. Barrio Lipperheide responds: He is a lawyer who graduated from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires [National University of Buenos Aires] (1981], specializing in Business and Financial Law. He studied collective bargaining in Argentina and Harvard, mediation in the law school of UBA, and Ontological Coaching at the Institute of Comprehensive Studies. He is the program director of coaching for INICIA, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing training courses for new entrepreneurs. He wrote the book, Vivir la empresa en forma orgánica [To Live Business in an OrganicRead More