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CHILE, Maria Fischer • There is a new book about Fr. Kentenich that came out a few weeks before the 50th Anniversary of his death, which was to be expected in a year dedicated to him. But it is not one just more book about him or of him, nor is it a book of photographs or a book of his writings— there has already been a great deal of that. This new book has a different format from usual, it is in black and white (a lot of black,Read More
CHILE, Sophie Berthet • Our Movement has always been characterized by the strength in prayer and music that accompanies all our activities, workshops, meetings, etc. A group of friends wanted to join both things using the prayer book, “Heavenwards” that contains Schoenstatt’s essence and all of our Father and Founder’s message as a guiding thread. The idea came together as a project, and now it has the participation of young musicians and singers –who are associated with Schoenstatt in different ways– and they are preparing a CD with musical adaptationsRead More
CHILE, by Tita Andras and Maria Fischer • On the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, September 12, 2016, Jorge Morales’ funeral took place.  He was a distinguished child of Schoenstatt in Bellavista, from the first hour of the mission of this Shrine.  He was one of the co-founders of Schoenstatt in Chile and a group companion of Mario Hiriart. Jorge Morales Retamal was a lawyer with a specialty in labor rights, an academician at the University of Chile, Director of Labor during the government of Patricio Aylwin, uponRead More
Fr.  Joaquín Alliende Luco, via • More courage, more commitment, more death leaps into the unknown. Less of the beach caressing us and more surfing on the crest of the wave, not because we’re at the height of the wave, but because of the sheer intensity of the wave. I feel that sometimes, some of us remain near the shore dipping our toes but not throwing ourselves into the violent swell of our times. More surf, higher, more dangerous. We should not be interested in tired, well-worn, sleepy waves.Read More
Fr. Joaquín Alliende Luco • The Synod on the Family has started. It’s autumn in Europe. Close to the Original Shrine, on the hillsides along the Rhine and Mosel rivers, it’s grape season. A place of wines and wine presses. We should order this differently: a place of wine presses and wines, because as we pray in Heavenwards: “Without the wine press, there is no wine…only dying wins the war (HW 150). We get liquid from the grapes only by crushing them. A very easy way of doing this isRead More