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Federación España
SPAIN, Mercedes Alvaredo de Beas • A few months ago a friend asked me what the Federation was for me. I answered him, without thinking, what came out of my soul. For me the Federation is an apostolic community of brothers and sisters who struggle together to reach sanctity by contributing the best of Schoenstatt in the Church. — And so it was in the shadow of the Shrine on an “ordinary” February 18th that a new milestone for the future course VI of the Family Federation of Spain emerged.Read More
COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramírez • With Perpetual Consecration, the Costa Rican Family Federation lives out a milestone and gives hope to the Schoenstatt world at the “Family of Hope” Shrine in San José, Costa Rica! It is a consolidated and growing family in all its Branches and specifically in the Federation courses, with seven courses just three years after the blessing of the daughter Shrine!—   The “Patres Servi Familiae” the first course, “Servant Parents of the Family,” began making their way twelve years ago at a time the Shrine’sRead More
Family Federation/Official communiqué • Today, day oft he festivity oft he Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin, the 3rd General Chapter of the International Schoenstatt-Family Federation elected a new international leadership for a period of 6 years. The leadership team consists oft he following couples: 1. Rosa Maria and Josef Wieland, Germany, leader couple 2. Flávia and Tomás Santos, Brasil, 1st counselors and and deputy couple 3. Manuela and Helmut Baumgartner, Austria, 2nd counselors 4. Margarita and Alcides González, Paraguay, 3rd counselors The following families were elected as substitutes: 1.Read More