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New international direction of the Schoenstatt Family Federation

Family Federation/Official communiqué •

b6bfbb44-0e6d-48ec-aeb9-48a3fa28bf89Today, day oft he festivity oft he Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin, the 3rd General
Chapter of the International Schoenstatt-Family Federation elected a new international leadership for a period of 6 years. The leadership team consists oft he following couples:
1. Rosa Maria and Josef Wieland, Germany, leader couple
2. Flávia and Tomás Santos, Brasil, 1st counselors and and deputy couple
3. Manuela and Helmut Baumgartner, Austria, 2nd counselors
4. Margarita and Alcides González, Paraguay, 3rd counselors

The following families were elected as substitutes:
1. Mirka and Tomas Golebiewscy, Poland, 1st substitute couple,
2. Marcela and Jorge Molina, Chile, 2nd substitute couple,
3. María Teresa and Juan Pretel, Argentina, 3rd substitute couple.

The General Chapter has met since September 3rd and will end on September 13th.

Besides electing a new leadership, the chapter approved the first international statutes of
the International Federation ad experimentum, listened to reports presented by the
international and territorial leadership teams, deliberated many motions submitted by
federation members from around the world and the challenges of modern times for family
and church.
The leadership couples and the chapter members ask for your prayers for the worldwide Family
The chapter members thanked the previous leadership, composed of Marité and Ramón Marini
(Paraguay), Gertrud and Hans Zier (Germany), María Teresa and Daniel Martino (Argentina) and
Carola and Fernando Alliende (Chile), for their caring, faithful and loving attitude proven during their
past tenure.
The International Apostolic Family Federation is present in 17 countries and count about 1700
member couples.


Source: Newsletter of the Schoenstatt Movement of Madrid, Sept. 13, 2015, /Juan Zaforas

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