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Zimbabwe, Marlene Peter • On 29 March 2015, the Zimbabwe Schoenstatt Family began again the nine-week Queen of Africa novena in preparation for the crowning of Our Blessed Mother Thrice Admirable as Queen of Africa on 31 May 2015. This was to be the 35th time they have done so, having first crowned her on 31 May 1981. At the time, Zimbabwe had just come out of a bloody liberation war and the future seemed very uncertain. Zimbabwe was not the only country in Africa with serious problems and fears,Read More
PARAGUAY, by Noelia Ferreira and Maria Fischer • On Sunday, 3 May, Holy Mass was celebrated in Tupãrenda on the occasion of Dequeni’s 30th Anniversary with the presence of many benefactors and sponsors, who collaborated with the Dequení mission, a great project born from the Covenant of Love. Bishop Claudio Giménez, Schoenstatt Father and Bishop of Caácupé, celebrated the Mass. The Blessed Mother was crowned as Queen of Loyalty to Dequení for accompanying this work throughout all these years. Offerings The day’s torrential rains delayed Bishop Claudio’s arrival from CaácupéRead More
PARAGUAY, on the occasion of Dequeni’s 30 years by Carmen Cosp • Ricardo Franco, one of Dequeni’s founding youths, told me excitedly that several weeks ago Marcial had been eagerly looking for him. To do this, he went to Caacupé for Sunday Mass. He recalled that pa’i [Father] Claudio Giménez had given him First Communion, and surely he could give him some information. After Mass, he approached the bishop and told him: “I have been looking for these people for twenty-five years. Where can I find Ricardo Franco, Carmen Ruiz,Read More