Posted On 5. March 2013 In Covenant solidarity

I googled my Grandmother`s prayer and came to this site

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, mda. A young man remembering his grandmother`s prayer and googling the words, finding, is a simple and inspiring story to be shared.  This young man living in Trinidad and Tobago is, as someone put it, “simply unbelievable”and yes, a story to be shared. … And yet, the story does not end here.




Mark Anthony Nieves last week wrote to the “service line” of “My grandmother, Stella Nieves, I remember saying the family rosary with her, and she always used to say “Mother thrice admirable Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt- pray for us x2 and then the third reply was “bless the whole world”.

She died in 2002 and only today it ran across my mind and I googled it and came to your site. I would like to learn more about this devotion. Are there any books or literature you could send to me, so I could educate my family on my grandmother’s devotion.

I live in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean…”

Creating networks

Trinidad and Tobago: records of a Pilgrim Mother sent there without any contacts that could be traced. Eduardo Shelley, from Mexico having visited Trinidad and Tobago in January 2012 for  business reasons, remembered having translated an article where a future Holy Mass in covenant with Trinidad and Tobago was mentioned, searching contacts and finding a Schoenstatt member from Ecuador living there…  This Holy Mass “towards  2014” celebrated in covenant with Trinidad and Tobago in July 2012, praying for those who are touched by the streams of grace and life from the Covenant of Love… Maria Elena Vilches, from the team, learning about Mark Anthony`s mail and commenting:  “I have the mail address of this Schoenstatt member in Trinidad and Tobago, this is a friend of mine from Ecuador… “

2014 is getting closer. The MTA gathers her people for the pilgrimage of renewal and grace. Including in Trinidad and Tobago!