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Connecting Schoenstatters

Dear friend of,

We have started a new phase in this communication project which relies on a large number of collaborators spread throughout five continents who, operating as a network and thanks to technology, make it possible for this dream to become a reality with worldwide reach in five languages.

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There are so many things that unite us and many stories that have been lived and shared in the more than ten years since the adventure began with its eyes set on 2014. Today, there are many more of us who feel committed to head into a new century of Schoenstatt through a communication project that follows the style Fr. Joseph Kentenich cultivated from the beginning with his MTA magazine.

Our mission is to serve the life of the International Schoenstatt family and the Church by promoting bonds of solidarity – covenant culture – and offering this service as a testimony – culture of encounter. In all our actions, we daily hear the echoes of the words given to us by Pope Francis during the audience on 25 October 2014, “a culture of encounter is a covenant culture that creates solidarity.”

Our website’s new image — more modern and attractive — using technology that offers greater potential given the times we will have to live over the coming years, propels us forward in covenant solidarity towards the culture of encounter from every shrine, every “dreamteam” member and each person who follows the page. We all form an army that is setting out in the service of the Church, allied to Pope Francis and inspired by the Blessed Mother and with the strength and energy that she gives us from her shrine.

You, as a collaborator, follower, or simply a reader of our stories of life, are a very important part of our dream, and this is why we rely on you, on your support, your suggestions, criticism, and definitely your care.


Audienz – 25.10.2015

 Original: Spanisch. Übersetzung: M.Fischer

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