Ándale María

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Ándale María, one more time

MEXICO, Gabriela de la Garza • 

Time flies when you are doing something you love! Eight years ago, a group of women from the women’s pillar of Schoenstatt Monterrey, came together dreaming of being able to offer a space where many more like us, could take a break from their busy lives, reconnect with themselves, learn new tools that they could easily apply in their daily lives and at the same time, share experiences with other women who seek to grow and transcend. —

This is how Ándale María (Come on María) was born, an event that carries in its name a very Mexican expression: ¡Ándale! that invites us to move, to change, to not stand still, to activate ourselves, that pushes us to go out of ourselves. We added the Maria because we want to include all women, regardless of age, marital status, beliefs, roots, because we are all valuable in our originality and we want to be an important contribution in the different environments in which we develop.

Ándale María

Let us reflect your image

Ándale María

The organizing team

During the months in which we, the organizers as well as the workshop leaders, were preparing ourselves, we prayed and offered a lot of capital of grace so that the Blessed Mother would attract those hearts that needed the most to get to know, to love and forgive themselves at this time of their lives. And it was beautiful when we were finally able to know them by name and put faces to more than 130 women who participated on Saturday, April 23rd.

In this 7th Encounter, we were accompanied by the picture of the Blessed Mother that will be in the future City Shrine that we desire and that we are conquering for Monterrey and she presided in a place of honor.

The world needs strong, dignified, simple and kind women…. Just like Mary! During this time that I was on the organizing team, I was able to see many times how the Blessed Mother always takes perfect care, how she educates when you have a willing heart and how she moves us to generosity.

I can say that by giving my heart to this project, it has been transformed!



Original: Spanish 2023-04-27. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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