Über den Wolken

Posted On 2023-04-28 In Covenant Life

Above the clouds

Pedro M. Dillinger between Chile and Germany • 

I am sitting on the plane and enjoying the view. Reinhard Mey’s song comes to mind: “Above the clouds, freedom must be limitless…”(Über den Wolken). — 

The word ” limitless” runs through my head, occupies me.
The cloud formations, the play of colors, the immensity, ” limitless”, that fits.
My seat, well, cramped, little legroom, ” limitless”? Rather not.
I choose the view out the window.

Easter. No limits

Easter has expanded the limits of our imagination. It invites us to look out the window: ” limitless.”

In these days we set out on a journey. He walks with us, giving us the experience of a heart on fire, accompanying us on our journey. He invites us to look through the “window” and not at the “borders”.

He walks with us through thick and thin. He is there.

Sometimes he looks with us through the “window”, sometimes he takes a seat beside us, he shares our limitations.

He frees us again by inviting us to look out the window.

My thoughts spin, get stuck, “fly” – the view through the window moves and inspires me.

Pentecost may come

He gives me His help in advance, the Holy Spirit.
I invite you to dare to look through the window, and I assure you that his assistance will come.
At that moment, the attendant politely but firmly asks for the blinds to be closed. The plane goes dark. It interrupts my thoughts and becomes a tool; God wants to draw my attention to the fact that I should actually be working on something….

Above the clouds…
Above the clouds
Freedom must be limitless
All fears and anxieties, they say, remain hidden below
And then, what otherwise appears grand and important
Is suddenly insignificant and small.

Original: Spanish 2023-04-28. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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