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On the first Covenant Day of 2010…

Blessed  Covenant Day, 56 Covenant Days before October 18, 2014! Fidel Zavala is free! Early in the morning of January 18 news made it around the world: Fidel Zavala, son-in-law of one of the founding families of Schoenstatt in Paraguay, who was kidnapped in October, was freed! The Schoenstatt Family of Miami, after years of waiting, were granted planning permission and building regulations clearance for the Shrine in Miami. The blessing might be yet this year. In Santa Maria, Brazil, on Sunday, January 17, the Province House of the Schoenstatt Sisters of MaryRead More
mkf. With death toll numbers rising to 200,000 in Haiti's devastating earthquake and people around the world uniting in prayers, donations and efforts to help, a photo started spreading through social networks, blogs and websites this morning, showing some weary, dusty Haitians with two items rescued from the debris: a tabernacle and a statue of the Virgin Mary, both absolutely intact. Jesus and Mary with their people, in the worst moments. Around the globe, the Schoenstatt family unites in prayer and donations for the Schoenstatt Family there and all thoseRead More

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We are all in Haiti

mkf. The extent tragedy is greater than anyone could possibly imagine - more than 100,000 fatalities, the capital, Port-au-Prince looks like a massive refugee camp; injured and missing people, hundreds of thousands of victims without access to water, food or a roof over their heads. The poorest country in South America is in ruins and the world has no idea where to start helping. Whether it is below the ruins where so many died or in one of the camps with inclement weather conditions, Schoenstatt's Pilgrim MotherRead More
ARGENTINA, Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi. "If I am asked why I prefer to walk through dirt streets beneath the sun at noon during the summer instead to lying on a beach on the coast, why I prefer a shower with cold water in the bathroom of a school instead of jumping the waves of the sea, why I prefer to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag being worn out after a day full of work instead of going out on a Saturday night to dance; if I amRead More

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To”understand the origin”

BRAZIL, Sr. M. Rosequiel. In May 2010, about 300 delegates will participate in the 1st National Meeting of Coordinators for the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign at the Shrine of the Father's Constant Presence in Atibaia/Sao Paulo. The year 2010 is special for those who participate in the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign. In June we will recall the 25th Anniversary of the death of its founder, the Servant of God, John Louis Pozzobon, and in September it will be the 60th Anniversary of the beginning of this large Marian apostolate. InsteadRead More
INDIA, Fr. Peter Locher. A small step in view of numbers, maybe, but a huge one for Schoenstatt in India, in the Year of Priests: The first meeting of diocesan priests in Bangalore, India took place from 5-7 January 2010. These are priests who are prepared to work in the Schoenstatt Movement, and who are interested in being introduced to Schoenstatt's spirituality.      Read More
mkf. On Saturday, January 9, 2010, now for the third time a Holy Mass is celebrated for Centenary 2014 intentions. Each Saturday from December 19, 2014 through October 2014, the 7.15 AM Holy Mass will be celebrated at this place of grace, the heart of Schoenstatt, the common home of the entire Family of the Father; this was one of the first activities of the "Team 2014". Father Heinrich Walter, President of the General Presidium of the International Schoenstatt Movement, made the commissioning of this team public through a letterRead More

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Mary’s Crusade 2010

Francisco Grondona. Mary's Crusade 2010 will begin in a few days on January 14th; it is the fifth one since this initiative began in 1999. It is a large pilgrimage, the largest in South America uniting the Mendoza Shrine in La Puntilla with the Bellavista Shrine in Santiago de Chile. It is a sixteen-day, 400-kilometer (or about 248 miles) walk crossing the Andes that separates these two places, and it will follow the road that was once used by the Liberation Army. However for the 120 young menRead More